Saturday, August 31, 2013

Joe. Boat. Fish.

Happy birthday to my favorite brother, Joseph! He's one up on me right now  in terms of the lifelong score we've kept on each other (we've been doing that for 27 years now). He has nimbly taught my nephew Dax to associate 'Uncle Joe's' name with Joe's two obsessions: his boat and fishing.

Me: Hey Dax! 
Dax: Joe, Boat, Fishing...?
Me: Dax, come hug your Ontie Grace.
Dax: NO! Boat..fish...Joe. *runs away*

I have to give it to you, brother, you sure have done a complete 180 from the jerk I used to know. Remember when you would bully me into doing boyish activities because Sarah and Julie were smart enough to tell you 'No!'? Like that time you convinced me to go hiking outside of Sarah's college apartment in Waco; you led me directly into a patch of poison ivy. You also took a dump in the woods, which I thought was pretty disgusting. Hey everyone! In case you didn't know, brothers don't care when their sisters are grossed out. Then remember when I hit college, and my friends got pretty, and then you suddenly wanted to hang out? 'Hey Grace, your brother is here with six of his friends.' 

At least you learned something from all of that, as you were able to find a true beauty all on your own. *applause* Now you're a grown man and our newest competition is over who the favorite is amongst our nephews. Isn't life sweet? Enjoy your time at the top, bro. And just wait until Aunt Grace buys these boys their first can of spray paint and your boat needs a new name: 'Grace. G. Funky.' 

Love you, Joe Boat Fish!!!!! Now let's celebrate!!!!!

For all the brothers out there, especially my own!! Happy 31st birthday!!!!