Tuesday, August 13, 2013

bohoBOOTY. Keepin 'em high and tight. Yeah that's right.

You can do side bends or sit-ups,
But please don't lose that butt.  
~Sir Mix-A-Lot

We want firm, round, juicy booties.  Here are a few moves our bad ass trainer friend Anna incorporates for her "high and tight" booty workout.  

Lunges - Stationary, walking, with weights or with a leg raise.  The more you do the better, we like mixing them up and lunging around the park in a line...because that's not weird at all.  

Curtsy Lunge - Take a big step back with your left leg, crossing it behind your right.  Bend your knees and lower your hips until right thigh is parallel to the floor.  Keep your hips and shoulders as square as possible. Return to start.  Try about 10 reps and repeat, stepping back with your right leg.  We like to add dumbbells and get the guns involved too!


Glute Kickbacks - There are so many great variations of these and we really think they are the best for targeting that booty muscle and making it burrrrrrn.  Also, you can do them anywhere - no equipment needed.  

The first one that bohoSarah is demonstrating you start on your hands and knees.  Extend your right leg out to the side, then pull it in and tap your right foot to your left knee.  Try this 20x on each side and your booty will be burning and firming!

The next Glute Kickback is more traditional. Again starting on all fours, raise one leg with knee bent 90 degrees and push your foot straight up towards the sky.  

Try doing 20 reps on each side and once you feel like you are at your max, pulse the move for 10 quick reps to finish strong. 

Another variation is keeping your leg bent and lifting it out to the side.  We call this the fire hydrant.  Self explanatory.  


  • look down to keep from straining your neck
  • squeeze the glute when engaged and try to hold for a second, really feelin the burn

Some Cardio advice from Anna:

Best cardio for the booty is stair stepper. An awesome high and tight 30 min exercise is 10 min front, 10 min turned to the side stepping up w/ the right leg, 10 min stepping up w/ the left. This targets the upper and lower glute along w/ hip adductors and abductors.

A lower intensity butt cardio exercise would be walking on the treadmill incline at 15 speed 4.0 for 20 minutes. 

And some Diet suggestions: Food wise there is really isn't a particular food that targets the glute. BUT statistics show  most woman who cut down on their daily sugar intake lose weight in the glute and thighs bc sugar likes to hide there. 

We hope you like the moves and get some results.  Comment with any questions, suggestions or moves you think we should try!  

Also, you can follow Anna and get all of her clean recipes, diet & exercise tips via her instagram account: @annacounce

Her blog is under construction www.livforhealth.com
We will let ya know when it's up and running!

In firm butts we trust,