Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Food + Drink giveaway from 002!!

It's no secret we love 002 Magazine and the people that work there, especially their dear Editor-in-Chief Carla - our bohoSister from another mister.  We also loved this February 2012 cover.  Beautiful couple don't you think?  :) 

But just when we thought we couldn't love them any more, they start giving away food and booze!!!  In celebration of their 15th anniversary and the August Food + Drink issue, every day 002 is giving out a new prize to a different winner.  Yes there are only 11 days left, we contemplated not sharing in hopes of increasing our chances of winning.  But yesterday they gave away a dinner for two to Flemings ($150 value) and we decided to share share share!  

Some of the other prizes are free cookies for a year from Michaels Cookie Jar, pizza party for 12 at Frank's Pizza and a SkinnyGirl Vodka gift bag to wash down all those well worth it calories! 

You can register by clicking here  >>------->   http://woobox.com/psitn4

Or by going to their facebook page here  >>------> www.facebook.com/002houston

If you win, we wanna know!!!!!  And if you get free cookies for a year, we REALLY wanna know!

 The BRC giveaway already came and went, but look at that damn burger anyways.....YUM!!!


Check it out and good luck!!

Also, you can read the 2012 article featuring bohoJacy & her bohoBoyfriend HERE
And Carla's personal blog HERE


Carla & Paz


hungrily yours,

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