Monday, August 5, 2013

Sweet 16 at 33? Brang it!

My sister from another mister Carla and I have birthdays 5 days apart.  Actually her's is today!!  Happy Birthday sweet Carla, I love you and the way you brighten up every single room!  

Carla has friends who just opened a new really cool restaurant/lounge/bar called Mr. Peeples and they asked her to host an event.  This event turned into a lil combo birthday party for the both of us.  Which then turned into a Miami Vice themed birthday party.  Which of course needed a DJ and a Smile booth and a liquor sponsor and custom invite with a photo shoot and stylist, fancy car and bad ass photographer.  Out of control?  Completely.  As I was leaving work early to get ready for the photo shoot, I called Jason and he casually asked if I was excited about my "sweet 16 party"!  Nuff said.  We're having a sweet 16 party. 

Having your picture taken in so little clothing was pretty nerve wracking.  So to "loosen up" we had a glass bottle of wine.  At 10AM.  And then to keep the buzz going we drank through-out the shoot.  Once we were done we figured we MUST have a celebratory cocktail.  Needless to say I ended up pretty trashed. But we laughed all day long, acted like total goofballs and realized any modeling hopes we had were flushed down the drain, as we would definitely end up with a stint in AA.  It was TOO much fun, and has everything to do with my fellow wild Leo Carla, the people who helped us, encouraged us, and laughed at/with us.  

Happy Birthday Carla!!!  Can't wait to celebrate together and every time I think back to this day I laugh! Also thank you Marzi & Brooke & David Michel for encouraging our ridiculousness.  And David for the pretty car.  


Marzi - http://www.marzifat.com/
Brooke - http://www.brookeschwabphotography.com/
David Michael - http://www.davidmichaelhairsalon.com/


  1. Y'all are too cute and funny! I wish I had been there! :) Mel Barfuss

    1. Mel we need you to come shoot all of us one time! just being silly w/our babies! would be so fun!! miss u and so happy for you & your whole family!!

  2. thank you Mel!! we'll let you know next time :) I'm so happy for Zach & Brooke & Hudson and your whole family!!! Wedding pics were beautiful!

  3. BohoSarah... You must tell me where you snagged that suit!

  4. It's American Apparel! the back is amazing too!

  5. TOO much fun my birthday twin! can't wait for our Sweet 16!!!! - Carla