Friday, August 9, 2013

Sarah, Smile

I know it's a day early but we wanted to wish our bohoSis, Sarah the happiest birthday ever!
 In true Leo fashion you are having quite the shin dig for your big day tonight, but we hope you know you deserve every second of the spotlight. To me, its like finally giving someone, who gives everything to everyone ALL the time, a really good gift. Tonight, we just want to celebrate you, and all that you are which I have listed below, in your name, like we used to do in grade school:
Selfless. I've never met anyone that gives more than Sarah. She'll even get taken advantage of for it, but will never stop because she believes that is how God intended her to be.
Ambitious. I call this Sarah, "work Sarah" and work Sarah  scares me. She is one tough cookie, and takes no crap from no one. But at the end of the day it all goes back to her giving spirit....she works hard so she can give to her family and to others, and of course to buy some bad ass shoes.
Radiant. Seriously. Look at her? She radiates beauty all of the time.
Amiable. Her friendly nature makes her a favorite among many. She see's the good in everyone, and truly practices what my dad has always preached, L.E.O.
Happy. Sarah is the type that wakes up happy. She whistles, she sings, she enjoys her life. She counts her blessings and has taken on motherhood more naturally than anyone I have ever seen. Every phase of her life she goes through with a smile. When I think of her I often sing that song, 'Sarah Smile', because more often than not, she will be smiling, she will be laughing, she will be singing, she'll be happy. If she isn't she happy, it's because she is focusing on making sure everyone else is happy first.

So here is to 33 years of an amazing life and an even more amazing person! 

Happy birthday to the best big sis in the whole wide world!!!! No seriously, I have stolen half of your wardrobe and you still buys me new clothes. I love you!!
 Let's get cray tonight!

your bohoBlack Sisters


  1. I wish I could be there yall have fun.

  2. too much! feeling so blessed and loved on my birfday! love yall so much.