Thursday, August 8, 2013

Way Way Way Back

You all know by now, how much we love our Monday Movie Date NIGHT and this past Week we saw, The Way Way Back!
What a great way to start our week-
My love for the Beach, our Son, CAYMUS, and summer really hit home for me in this flick. 

 My parents took us to Garner State Park every year and I can still appreciate a good ROAD trip and Some GOOD water Shoes! (my DAD made me purchase a size 7, WHEN I was only in a size 3 to get good use out of them!)  The Frio River is still with me TODAY- I DID have my First kiss there!

DURING THE FILM, Grant leaned over twice and whispered,"Don't we have the best babies? We are so LUCKY!"

Toni Collette is one of my ALL TIME favorite actresses and does an amazing job.
I loved Allison Janney CHARACTER, she reminded me of a Friend's mom in High School.  I THINK We all can learn from her! I still remember going to WATERWORLD AND loving every minute of it!  So, GO see it!  AND have a Campari & Soda at Sundance Theatre and ENJOY! 
Happy SUMMER! We are OFF to L.A. -me & my Ducks plus Juanita -My bohoBoyfriend is BUSY getting Coppa Osteria ready!  (BTW Coppa OSTERIA is GORGEOUS)
We have Beach, Eating, Sleep on Our Schedule and to READ A DAMN BOOK!


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  1. i just watched the trailer! i want to see this so bad & go on a waterslide!! love it!!! miss yall!