Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For all you Instagram Addicts.....

Social Print Studio (my favorite spot to print Instagram photos) just released their newest project, Instagram Greeting Cards!  (Applause!)  They even come with super cute brown kraft envelopes.  How fun is that?  I'll answer that for you, it's very fun.  And yes, envelopes can be fun.  These would be the perfect thank-you notes for Driscoe's 2nd birthday in November.  A picture of him from his party on the thank you note, Hello?!  That is going on Grandma and Grandpa's fridge in a heartbeat and in his baby book that I keep up with so well....not.
Here is what I did with the first round of prints I ordered.....
 And this is how bohoS uses hers....

{I need to start doing that, she's so smart!}

I have also ordered 2 of their minibook's as a Mother's Day gift for mi madre & she loves them!  She carries them in her purse and uses as a brag book of her children and grandchildren, I'm sure no one is sick of seeing them.

Pic from Social Print Studio
Also, if you send them an email with a picture of your greeting cards they will refund your shipping;  they love customer feedback!  If you can't tell by the hundred exclamation marks I have used in this post I'm really excited and kind of a big fan! Did I mention your order will come with a cute sticker?

>>------> Click HERE for the Greeting Cards
>>-----> Click HERE for the square prints
>>-----> Click HERE for the minibook
>>-----> Click HERE to see our Instagram page, cuz why not?

You can follow Social Print Studio on Instagram @SocialPS

Sincerely, bohoSocialPrintSuperFan!!

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