Thursday, May 16, 2013

Deep thoughts by Erin Gilmore…

**(cue sound of a waterfall and Native American flute)

Before one reads deep thoughts from a complete stranger…Hello I’m Erin Gilmore; a snap shot should be revealed that explains the zany force behind such thoughts. 
 ram·bling WOMAN
       1.    Often or habitually roaming; wandering, sprawling haphazardly; unplanned
        2.    Lacking a plan
        3.    Nomadic; wandering
        4.    For the person writing this blog, a necessary action to find bliss

I have lived many places, taken many jobs, all before landing in the great city of Houston and meeting the eccentric people in this melting pot. A city where men in cowboy hats stroll next to women in $1,000 suits, a charming mix of boots and sophistication, rough neck oil workers and astronauts, stock brokers and bull riders.

I have lived in Spain, studied language and bullfighters; in New York, learned the value of a dollar; I’ve lived in Illinois, where I learned the value of family; I’ve lived in St. Louis, where I learned the significance of work ethic; In Miami, I evaluated what is real beauty?; I reside in Houston and I am learning how to live. 

I have worked as a baseball bat carver at Busch Stadium, a grocery store checkout girl, a promotional announcer, an NFL Rams cheerleader, a go-go dancer, a waitress, a Passport Specialist, a bridal dress model, a marketing specialists, a bartender, a Disney Princess for a day in Orlando, an academic editor, a student, an admission representative, a recruiter……and finally a Sales Supervisor in Oil & Gas; finally, a job I love. By never giving up on my dream jobs, becoming a Senator and having a reoccurring role on Days of our Lives, I get to find sprinkles of my dreams in my current situation.

My dad always told me, “Keep in mind that the average millionaire goes broke nearly 3.2 times in their life…Donald Trump, Walt Disney, Milton Hershey…even Wayne Newton!”  Okay, I added Wayne Newton, but it’s true!


I am a hopeless romantic, forgetting reality for the sake of utter insanity.  I live to experience “butterflies.” I have loved…and lost.  Urban Dictionary.com defines a hopeless romantic as; “This person is in love with love. They believe in fairy tales.  They’re not to be confused as stalkers or creepy because that's not what a hopeless romantic is.”  Thanks, Urban Dictionary, for not labeling me a creep, however I wouldn’t mind because I grew up loving TLC’s song Creep.

My ideal recipe for a lean mean man cocktail is as follows:
 #1. The Winklevoss twins from Facebook (they count as 1)
#2. Cesar Millan “The dog whisperer”, he just seems sensitive to the needs of others…and he       would let me have as many dogs as I wanted.
#3.Simon Baker from The Mentalist (see exhibit C…no explanation needed)
#4. Will Ferrell (every girl needs to laugh a little)

I am also a romantic when it comes to traveling to far off places, my family, and every animal in the animal kingdom…except possums…I can’t do possums. I think it is much easier to show compassion to animals…they are never cruel, they do not judge. 

My best friend is my sister Morgan, we live together in Houston.  We also live in our humble abode with our good friend and my Texas saving grace………Grace Salinas.    “Sisters… is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.”

Did I tell you I was going to give you deep thoughts after my brief vignette?  Deep thoughts come from my past, I cannot give advice about life…I’m still trying to live it; I can only strive to make every effort to change unhappiness in my life when I first see it.  However, it always seems as if my mother sees it before I do, Why are mom’s always right? Because they have done it already, experienced it, cried about it, laughed about it, and dreamed about it.  

I do know this:
*The best way to not gain weight on a business trip is to pack a scale in your suitcase.  If you gain a pound, you lay off that complimentary bread at dinner.
*Adding cashews to soup can make it a meal.
*You get more value using your hotel rewards points internationally; I would rather look out my window and see the Eiffel tower than a beltway anyway.
*Sally Hansen sells eyebrow wax strips and cuticle remover just like the salons…to be used in dire emergencies.
*Don’t leave Nair on for more than 7 minutes…ouch!
*Oil is not found in underground pools...it can be found as droplets of oil, in the pores of rock.
*There are no carbs in pork rhines.
*Atkins can change your life in 15 days…until you see the word “encrusted” on a menu.
*The Texas flag can be flown at the same height as the American flag, because it was the only state that was once a country.
*Albert Einstein went without a job for 2 years after he graduated from college.
*If you order a shot of espresso in your coffee, you won’t be seen running to the coffee machine 3 times in one hour.
*Do it yourself dry clean bags actually work!
*If you damage your wheel rim, it can actually be heated and molded back into place.

This is all I have for now…Thank you to the ladies of bohoBlack.

--Erin Gilmore

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