Friday, May 3, 2013

Jimbob's Friday Surf Report

Jimbob has been on hiatus lately! Well not really, last week he did send us a surf report, except it was a pic of the cutest beach house we stayed in over the weekend on Quintana Beach. 
Its called the Quintana Lighthouse and wouldn't you know we crammed a whole bunch of Messicans up in there! 
 We steamed crabs, played on the slip n slide with the babies, hit the beach, did a little bird watching at the sanctuary, saw old friends and family and just had the best weekend ever. 

One with a ball, one with a bat, but both kickin' some slip n slide hair!


Me, Big Mar, & Jimbob on top of the look-out at the bird sanctuary. We were walking through with our beers like a bunch of rednecks, meanwhile avid ornithologists had thousands of dollars worth of equipment set up that mom at one point thought were public binoculars. Good times.

But lets get back to today's surf report, which is beautiful! 

We hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend! 
Remember, don't look for happiness, create it. 

love, bohoBlack

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