Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hand, Foot, & Mouth DISEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Could that sound any creepier?!?!? I know some cases are really BAD, and it's miserable to see your child suffering with sores in their mouths and on their bodies, but still, DISEASE??? My goodness. It's a virus they don't  even prescribe medicine for, so yes, a disease, totally the same thing.

My thoughts exactly, Dude.

This was Driscoe yesterday before we learned of the disease:


That behavior did eventually change. After he went down, he woke up about 30 minutes later with a fever that lasted all night long, and it was awful. So naturally I made an appointment to see the doc first thing in the morning assuming it was an ear infection. (I think I saw him tug on his ear?) I call Sarah on the way and let her know what's up since Dax, Driscoe, and Mo were all playing together the day before. I assured her, its just an ear infection, so Dax and Mo should be fine, no worries! Not that she was really worried, she did just want to know how her Godson was doing. But anyways, it was so fun calling her after the appointment to say, "Oh hey, it's not an ear infection, but instead, a highly contagious DISEASE!" Muaaaaahahahahha! That word, I swear. Anyways, I give her the scoop and get back to work and we start messaging on instant messenger about symptoms and some red dots Dax might or might not have on his foot, obviously contracted from Driscoe's new disease. Then she says:

"AND, I know I saw spots on a butthole last week"

Followed by:

"What has happened to us"

After I informed her that she just sent that sentence with no smiley face, no tongue sticking out face, no wink face, nothing. That was it. Serious as a heart attack.

"AND, I know I saw spots on a butthole last week"


And that is where these bohoMommy's are this week, one is partying in Miami (Lucky! We miss you), and the other 2 are checking buttholes for red dots.

The best is we assumed Driscoe was the one spreading the disease to his poor cousins, however, we have since learned the culprit is most likely, Dax. 

Driscoe and Mo are both drooling like crazy, Driscoe has a fever, Mo drinks his bottle and cries because his mouth hurts and Dax is fine and dandy! Apparently he was tip toeing around for a few days and mommy and daddy thought it was SO cute, now we are thinking his feet were probably sore. And his nanny pointed out a few red dots on his hands and feet last week, but he never had a fever and seemed fine, so no one thought twice about it. Bottom line, Dax had a SUPER mild case, & his brother and cousin weren't as lucky. 

But, we all learned a lot over here, not everything is an ear ache or teething, hand foot and mouth disease sounds way scarier than it is (in our experience, thankfully), red dots on your babies feet is weird, and looking at buttholes is just part of our daily routine.  

Here is some info about the disease in case you are not aware:
>Usually occurs in ages 6 months to 4 years
> Outbreaks occur in the summer and fall
Symptoms can include:
>Small painful ulcers in mouth, causing a lot of drool
>Red spots on hands, toes,  feet and sometimes, buttocks
>Fever between 100F-102F for 3 to 4 days
>Virus clears up on its own in a few days, no antibiotic (or at least in our case)
>Red dots go away in about 10 days 
>Mouth ulcers go away in about 7 days
>Popsicles are a must for their mouths!

So buckle up Mom's, if your babe is playing on the playground and swaps drool with a disease carrying tot, chances are, your sunshine is next.

Oh Motherhood.