Wednesday, May 22, 2013

17/50 bohoBabies & 20 Things Every Parent Should Hear...

Our beautiful bohoBlack friend Carla pointed out an article on Huffington Post Parents that blogger Beth Woolsey wrote.  20 Things Every Parent Should Hear.  

I love that she wrote "hear" and not "know".  Because a lot of times we know things, but you just need to hear them, or read them, and be reminded of how precious and fleeting this time with our littles is.  I've scattered them thru this post, and you can read the whole list here.

My favorite is #5:

5. The crazy, the crying, the cuddles. The screaming, the sacred, the scared. The minutes, the magic, the mess. It's all part of it. And it's all worth it.

11. Kids know the way to magical and they'll give you a free pass to come along. Breathe in the magic as long as you can, because that same kid is going to poop his pants in just a minute.

14. Any number of kids is a lot of kids.

10. You are not alone in this strange, vast, parenting ocean. Even in the dark of night. You are not alone. You're not.

13. If you pay attention, kids will teach you how to laugh loudly, how to love deeply and how to live fully. They will also ruin all your stuff.

Our bohoBabies are growing up so fast. 

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  1. Only reason I didnt cry reading this is because I'm at work. so sweet!