Friday, May 17, 2013

A Beautiful Mess

I'm so excited about this new iPhone app Sarah showed us this week that I felt the need to tell everyone about it, since everyone reads our blog, right?! Everyone?? Hello?? This thing on? (crickets)
Moving forward, the app is called A Beautiful Mess from the creative gals of the amazing blog, you guessed it,  A Beautiful Mess. Their blog is a blogger's dream blog. If blogs were the Olympics, we'd still be in training to qualify for the Olympic Trials, and they'd be the Michael Phelps, except, not giant nerds. So check out their blog (link above), and if you have always wanted to add text or doodles to your pics, like mine below, then download the app and start doodling! BTW, most of you probably already know about it since its #1 on the iTunes App charts, but in case you don't, here is some fun stuff you can do with it......

Seriously. Scary combination.


Daron bought me that bag for our anniversary and I LOVE IT! The size is perfection.

Selfie in the Target dressing room, haaaaaaay!

This picture cracks me up, because of the cupcake faces, and the fact that we all have kids now! It was just a short time ago we were bonging green beers on St. Patty's and having wild boat parties on Lake Austin.
Change is good, especially this kind of change.

Oh these 3. I love how Driscoe's hand is on Dax's leg and lil Mo is like,
 'Am I in the pic or not? Are you going to count first?'

There is no better sound than Driscoe laughing at Dusty, or anyone for that matter. But he laughs the hardest with that wild dog.


You might find it hard to believe that this was one of the only pics I got of Caroline with her diaper on. I think we've got a nudist on our hands! ;)

Made this the other night with Jacy's recipe! So easy, healthy and delicious! I also did the mashed avocado dip! Click here for the recipes!

Well you know after Dax did it, Driscoe had to cut his as well!??!! It was pretty smooth for Driscoe! He did get a little fussy, but we handed him a toy and that pretty much solved it. 

^^And the final product!!!^^
 I know, you can hardly tell. I kinda freaked out when she started touching the curls and I shut it down. This was last Saturday and I'm already noticing his bangs are getting in his eyes again. Guess his dad was right, we should have cut more. 

Would you believe this cutie is half Spanish?

Sarah is here right now. Arghhh.

So you see what I'm saying about this app? Pretty cool huh? I know I'm not the most creative person ever so I get it if you're not impressed by my doodles, but you get the idea! 
Click here to see more fun pics done by the creators themselves, and click here to get the app! 

Bye for now all you party people!

love, bohoJB


  1. thank u!! he got it on Etsy! Gift Shop Brooklyn! i still LOVE it! the size really is so perfect and the leather is super soft!!