Thursday, May 9, 2013

if you're going to San Francisco.......

Be sure to>>---->
 >Bring your own shopping bags, because they charge for them here, I need to work on my carbon footprint.
>Bundle up! It's May and its 50 degrees!
>Grow a mustache if you are a dude, hipster central out here.
>Get ready for the best people watching, ever.
>Wear comfortable shoes because you can walk everywhere, and it's SO great!
>Wear flowers in your hair. I haven't seen any, but I think you should, because its pretty.
I am going to Haight Ashbury in a second to get some Janis Joplin stuff for some special ladies in my life, as if they don't have enough already. Then I'm heading to the Giants game later on today! I wish so badly that Daron was with me, I know he would love to see a baseball game at this field.
Ok, I gotta get ready, but just FYI, I'm absolutely loving it here! Especially since I got to have dinner with my favorite wild cousin, Ilona and her HILARIOUS husband Sean last night. Those two had me laughing so much, I wish I was getting to see them again today! Thank you guys for coming out to see me after your long and exhausting vacation in Maui ;)

This is from our dinner last night at OOLA, where a nice young gentlemen, marched up to our table and informed us that we were not the ONLY people in the restaurant. Yes, you (insert bad word), we realize that, but what you don't realize is that we are Murdocks, therefore, we are loud and we make no apologies for it, and if you don't like it, you can (insert bad word). But seriously, he had a stick up his rear end, poor guy, must hurt.
The food was delicious by the way. I ordered some Korean style ribs and Ilona had a tasty bolognese. No pics though, because I suck at that. But that is our appetizer above and it was SO good. Ahi Tuna and Beef Carpaccio.

That's Ilona!
And then I found Target, of course. I had to get a scarf and a hoodie because its cold, and I ended up with that shirt and those jeans. OOPS! BTW Target jeans, Fit 3 and Fit 6 are great and so cheap!
Bye for now!
Love, bohoJB

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