Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Not scared anymore!!!!!

I realized something this morning that has me on cloud 9 after a gloriously fun Memorial Day weekend!!  I haven't talked about it much and don't care to get into it, other than to say I was in a pretty funky fog of fear and blah after having sweet Mo.  It lasted waaaaaay longer than I thought it would, but this weekend I felt like the old ME.  With 2 kids in tow, I did everything I wanted to do!!  And so many firsts. 

I took them BOTH to Costco to shop for a lil BBQ at the house.  Who knew that every cart at Costco is a double seater??  It was awesome and fun and chaotic.  They ate some samples, said hi to everyone who passed by and were so damn cute sitting that close together.  Now that I have done it, it's crazy to me how fearful I used to be of taking them both out in public. 

Another first - I took them both to the Houstonian solo (sounds silly, but that walk from the garage to the gym and the double stroller....like I said, it was a fearful funk and some things just seemed scary).  Even though we weren't there long because kids pooped in the pools and closed them down for 8 hours.  

All in the same day we had some friends over and played outside, made burgers and chased babies. 
It was the perfect start to the long weekend and summer fun!

Saturday, we had dinner with Jason's family in Katy.  Afterwards we went to his buddies house at 8PM!  Put the babies straight to bed in their pack 'n play's and hung out till midnight.  I know it's the little things, but it finally felt like WE were setting the schedule and not the babies! 

 We laid around in our backyard, getting sun and wearing out the little ones. 

Hung out at my cousin Amy's pool and found out she is having a BOY!!  Another baby boy in this family makes me so excited I can barely stand it!

 Mo got his first kiss from a beautiful lil lady named Emily.

We had a Memorial Day get together to celebrate the holiday and also Grace's birthday!   Everyone wore their best red white and blue.  Definitely more pics to come of that, it was a blast, and Julie 'n Daron wore matching tanks that stole the show!

All in all it was an amazing long holiday weekend and I am so grateful for so many things that came of it.  I can't wait to be on the go more.  Thinking the zoo this week and maybe even taking them out to a restaurant for dinner!!  Watch out world, I'm not scared anymore!!!



  1. I just have to say how much I love your family! You guys are all so close and that is the Holy Grail in life! Miss you all and hope to see you soon!! All of the kids are so perfect, just like their moms, dads, aunts, etc! xoxo

  2. Sarah we had such a wonderful weekend with every one.

    Love Beverly and Doug