Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Screw Moving

While Trying to type this post I am laughing, snapping pictures, singing along with Brittany from Alabama Shakes, drinking vino, listening to Gjelina try to laugh like us, answering who my favorite character is from "kicking it" from my 6 year old boy (i don't even remember what show that is), writing camp letters for Caymus to read at school, saying bye to my nanny (LOVE that Woman!) watching my 11 month old walk, watching my boyfriend bring in boxes, scarfing down B 19 salmon and eating the rest of Caymus' Annie mac -n-cheese (amazing by the way) and typing this.  

We changed our outgoing flight from Miami last Thursday hoping to catch a few more rays (this is how it usually happens with our vacations- i live with a man who can't make long term commitments so we end up booking trips and changing our flights/hotel rooms depending on the mood/day/commitments and usually everything falls into place ... well not this time.  Our flight got canceled after waiting 6 hours and we had to spend the night at Crown Plaza <---- a little different than our suite at SLS.  We left Friday Morning at 9:30 and had movers coming at 3:30! Shit.  We have been playing catch up every since. I even booked Austin for Sunday-cray cray! Had to cancel that! Anywho we should be ready to roll by this weekend! internet and all.  So whatever happened last week is a blur to me... i know i did miss a super fun crawfish boil celebrating bohoG's BIRTHDAY, a baby shower, and a Saint Paz Party... i should be clean and back to normal very soon

My prettiest spot in my house -minus the beige walls


Wow, that really large glass of vino went fast.  I see Anna tomorrow! Thank God- some normalcy.  

We sold our cute bungalow and are building therefore we are making shit happen in a 1200 sq foot apartment.   My closet is huge(i love being able to SEE all my clothes, purses and shoes :), we walk Caymus to school and I have a big bathtub-this place is getting cozier by the minute... It has been full of ikea furniture builders, media installers, babies, boxes, lots of take out from Brasserie 19 & Coppa, the other tenants are probably wondering why the B 19 truck is in our Parking spot... We shall see how this unfolds... but for now we feel like it's a hotel-at least that is what Caymus says! I did make a pot of black eye peas today Wish us luck  NOW OFF TO A DANCE COMPETIION WITH CAYMUS AND JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE-NO TV, TOYS AND INTERNET WILL CAUSE THESE KINDS OF THINGS.

BTW we are changing out that light fixture--->

and hiring packers and unpackers for the next move... what was i thinking? i am staying away from shopping too....


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  1. HOW DO YOU MOVE WITH BABIES?!?!??! u are CRAY! I miss you!!!