Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life on Purpose

Lately when I sit down to blog my mind does this:


I thought long and hard about why nothing seems important enough to write about at this moment and here's why: Lots of changes are going on over here due to the fact that I’ve been focusing on a friendship with God. Instead of leaving for some big spiritual retreat, I’m taking those retreats every day, in every little thing I do and say. It is amazing how things will change you when you talk to God ALL of the time and think about the eternal rather than the worldly repercussions of your thoughts and actions. It’s tough this day and age! Believe you me!!! This used to be me every morning: ‘Mirror mirror on the wall! Who’s the most productive of them all?!?!?!’ ‘You are Grace.’ I love control. I like to control everything and it's usually faired me well. I have visualized things and places I’ve wanted to do and see and I made it happen. I’ve set fitness, work and financial goals, but I left one person out of it all… GOD! When I’m standing at the pearly gates, is God really going to be impressed with the fact that I chose to start an LLC so I could get tax write-offs? Or that my butt looked extra taut during the summer of 2012? Is He going to be impressed that I have visited every coffee shop in Amsterdam but not once stopped by the Anne Frank house? I should have asked Justin Bieber to sign my name in the guest book when I had the chance! Is He going to be impressed that I kicked over a line of thirty motorcycles while sight-seeing in Italy after funneling a carafe of Sambuca? Meh..probably not. That’s OK. I’m forgiven. BOOM! And so I start over. Now my extra money is given back to the church. I stay in shape and eat right so that I can stay tuned into what God’s telling me. After all, I can’t listen to anything He’s saying when I eat like shit and never work out because I’m too busy thinking about how I have been eating like shit and not working out! To boot, this is His body, not mine. And on my next trip around the world I’ll probably spend less time getting hammered and more time in awe of God’s grace in every face, place and culture…and coffee shop. Hey, don’t judge me! You’ll go to hell.

PS, If you want to start changing the way you think and feel I suggest reading ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ by Rick Warren. Two words: game changer.
Your Friend Grace


  1. i love you grace salinas. - carla

  2. Grace, this post is absolutely beautiful. Your heart is pure and your spirit is kind and that is what God (and everyone else sees) in you the most.