Wednesday, April 3, 2013

baby yoga...start em young!

I love yoga, it's one of the things I miss most about my pre-baby life.  Leaving work, heading to a yoga class, not a care in the world!  Vinyasa is my favorite, and if you are looking for a good flow video to inspire you check this chick out:

Currently, yoga is something I do when on the floor playing with Dax.  I am proud to say he is into it!!  And he should be, I was taking classes while 9 months pregnant and barely able to see my toes, much less touch them.  He is really good at downward dog, as you can see above and we are working on lifting a leg.  But he loves watching me and trying the poses, or laying next to me looking up and I can tell he is going to be a super peaceful little yogi warrior one day!  I found some stuff online about yoga and toddlers and thought I would share some tips and moves we do:

Some yoga kid friendly moves courtesy of Marcie Wallace, a yoga instructor at Lotus Yoga in Montclair, NJ:

Yoga To wind down before bed. Have your child lie on her back with his legs straight up against a wall and his arms outstretched. Place a lightweight toy on his tummy. Tell him to breathe in, so that his belly puffs up and the object rises. Have him slowly release the breath to a count of five. Repeat until he's relaxed. - Dax loves this one...it's never really helped him wind down, but he likes seeing the toy move up and down on his belly. 

To head off a tantrum. If there's a meltdown on the horizon, tell your tot to lie on his back and pedal his arms and legs in the air while saying "ha, ha, ha" in sync with the movement. Before he knows it, he'll be giggling like a little goose. -  I haven't tried this one yet...I'll have to show him the move, so if he doesn't laugh, i definitely will!

Some other moves we have fun with are:
Sunrise and Sunset.  Stand with your arms to the side, feet shoulder width apart.  Hold the pose for a breath, then say sunrise and reach your arms into the sky breathing in.  Next bend over and say sunset exhaling out, touching your toes.   

Yoga Sunrise, Sunset

Butterfly is his favorite and is so super easy.  Sit on the ground, put the bottoms of you feet together and flap away!

Yoga Butterfly

Gorilla pose.  Have your lil one stand legs wide apart, knees slightly bent.  Have them bend over at the hips and swing your upper body back and forth just like a gorilla! 

Yoga Gorilla

These are just a few and they are so fun!  It's never too early to get them started.  As soon as Dax sees me pull out the yoga mat he is ready to play/pose!  Now, I am just trying to get him to say Namaste.  Baby steps :)


****  Oh and a lil update, Driscoe wanted to show you his turbo dog pose -

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