Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I started this post with the idea of "Everything that Makes Me Happy Today!"

Sunflowers growing in Whole Foods parking lot
The Fresh Tiny Boxwood Basil I planted in my Herb Garden
The Bright Orange Gerbera Daisies for My house
The lentils I cooked this Week (recipe coming soon)
My bohobabies
My son's school
My bohoboyfriend, hunk of a husband
My body
My clean car
My best girlfriends
My babies fit together: My 6 year old is missing his bottom two teeth and my 10 month old has her two bottom teeth.  It's a perfect puzzle
My trainer
My jack russell finally calming down
Mary's Gone Crackers
My 50 year old Show Stopper Mom
Anna's Avocado Chicken Salad
My fun New Shirts from Coquette
Peek a boo with my 10 month old at midnight 
My cute party ready House
My on time Nanny
Sucking crawfish heads with my Dad
Shit may hit the fan tomorrow but Right now I am loving My Life

I was having a discussion with a friend and she passed this on to me and I thought it was perfect!

From John Nord's Blog


I hear it a couple times a day, “I have just been so busy” and it’s the most boring answer to the simple question of, “how are things going”. I have been running Fohr Card with Rich and Holly for 3 months full time now and people ask me all the time, “how are things?” and I make a point to not talk about how busy we are.
Instead I say I am having the time of my life. That I wake up every day and give thanks for my station in life. That I feel like the person I have always wanted to be.
Boring people are busy, the great ones are just having fun. 

So for me, I am having the time of my life and I am happy about the human I am molding into.                                 

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