Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tulum Tulum Tulum!!! I miss you already!

Sweet Jason celebrated his birthday this week; to honor the beginning of his final year in his 30's I took him on a trip to Tulum, Mexico.  The entire thing was a surprise, including his brother and sis-in-law Rich and Kristen meeting us there!  This was our first time in Tulum and we were blown away.  It reminded me so much of Costa Rica, except the beach was breathtaking.  It's an hour and a half drive from the Cancun airport, right into the jungle.  You get off the main highway onto a beach side road that is lined with small boutique hotels, juice shops, yoga studios, all in huts and all so quiet and peaceful.  When we walked into our room at Be Hotel, I was a bit panicked, the TV was missing - I like the background noise!! The silence was surprising and then so welcomed.  It was a glorious vacation, laid back, special, serene and fun with my soon to be brother and sis-in-law.  Oh and Jason was on cloud 9!!!  Happy Birthday sweet hubby to be!

*side note, all of my pics are via iphone and don't really do Tulum justice...I highly recommend going there yourself and checking it out!

A very surprised birthday boy!!!

I booked this room for the bathtub.  JASON LOVES BATHS!!  Every single day.  I on the other hand only take baths when I get poison ivy.    

Dinner at Hartwood was a trip highlight!!  If you haven't checked out www.theselby.com  get up on it!!  Then click on THIS link and check out Hartwood and Eric, he and Jason became fast friends.

Brothers.  The closest I've ever seen.  

Jason insisted suggested we check out the Mayan Ruins, on a quick day trip to Play Del Carmen.  It was beautiful!  And hot.  

I cannot wait to go back.  I want to stay longer, take some yoga classes, go to a cenote (underground swimming holes/caves) and check out so many other cool restaurants and hotels I saw.

Our hotel: www.betulum.com
My next hotel: www.ahuatulum.com
Yoga: Maya Tulum 
Dinner: www.hartwoodtulum.com I could have eaten here every single night!!  

Happy Birthday Jason!!!  Next year is 40, and I WILL top this...you just wait ;)

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