Thursday, April 4, 2013

Family Night with some Californians and Canadians!

It was Aunt Grace's last day in Texas yesterday so naturally we had everyone over to the house to cook the fish Mom, Aunt Grace, Rebecca and Joe caught on Monday in Freeport.
Nom nom nom nom!
Her visit was short, like all visits feel with any family member that comes to see us. Short or long, I think we all had a little more bonding on this trip than any before. I saw this quote and it hit home:
Our circle is definitely stronger and more united than ever!
Oh and might I add, Aunt Grace has SIX kids, and never used a leash!! 
We had another visitor last night as well! 
Grace's friend Ashley and her beau Wade made a stop in Houston on their mindful journey across the US from Canada! Ashley and Grace were Au pairs together in Paris. We have met the blonde beauty a few times before in Paris, but she has never looked so beautiful and happy as she did last night!  They are traveling to NYC next! Wade is not pictured because he was in the backyard playing with Dusty. Wade is so chill and peaceful, just a few seconds talking to him you can feel your blood pressure dropping. We enjoyed them both so much, I hope these peaceful warriors stop by again on their next spiritual journey. Namaste Ashley & Wade. 
 Pictured left to right: Sarah and Dax, Tamara, Meredith, Mo, Aunt Peggy, Aunt Grace, Ashley
What's going on in here?
 High Five!
 I think he is dancing to Rod Stewart right here? We had a few dance parties throughout the night to some great records I'm watching over for Beerman! We think of one person when we pull them out....the legendary, Fred Broussard. Always missed.

Rod Stewart, Doobie Brothers, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Ike and Tina, Carly Simon, Johnny Lee, The Marshall Tucker Band, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Jim Croce, & Don Henley are just a few of the gems in this record collection.
(I spy: Beerman, Shelbs, Uncle Barry, Mimi, Amy, Jordan, Steven, Schmaws, Dorothy, Audi- B, Kerri Walsh, and Misty May)

Just Tamara being silly and Aunt Peggy getting her baby fill. She loves dem babies so much! I'm so happy they get to reap all the benefits of having an Aunt Peggy in their lives, its the best!
 Driscoe whatcha lookin at?
 Sarah is forcing a hug on Tamara while she pretends to hate it. But don't let that hand push fool you, Tamara is a hugger on steroids.
 So cute!
 Tamara is probably saying "Oh brother!" She loves saying that and, "oh motherhood!".
 Flat Stanley made an appearance too. He is visiting all the way from Utah!

 Everyone's getting kisses and hugs around here!

 Busy bodies.
Oh hey there hottie. 
(Dax and Driscoe are obsessed with Aunt Mere and that blonde hair!)

 I'm serious, we spent a few minutes snapping pics of them kissing her thru the door ^^ and then looking back at me and Sarah with the biggest grins! (see below)
 Yea buddy!!!
 Dax's turn!
 I got a kiss!!!!!

 Dax, did you see that?
That is dirt on his cheek! He ran outside, barefooted, to see everyone and slipped on the wet slab. Oops! Gawd forbid I wipe it off.

 Love all the different things going on here. Tamara blowing Driscoe a kiss, Mom loving on Mo while Aunt Peggy watches and Aunt Grace trying to fix something, and Dax making his way over....Wine or Milk anyone?
 Ok lets try to pose for a pic!! 
That was OK, but where is Driscoe?
Tamara grab him! Regroup!
Got it!!!!
 I absolutely love the chaos a few babies can bring to a family. It's so fun!
 Miss Palin Gilmore stopped by from the White House. Not really, but she totally looks like it, and knowing Erin, she totally could have.
Shaking hands & kissing babies. 
And giving the good ol, thumbs up.
 I know its blurry, but I love it. 
 Daron requesting Erin to please show us the opening to a presentation she is giving today. She obliged.
 You can't handle the truth!
Just kidding, that's not what she was saying. It was about fracking and it was really good!
Made me want to see the whole presentation...same question, different answers! Right Erin?
 Go girl.
Daron LOVES it. 
 Aunt Grace has the magic touch, or the bottle has the magic touch, either way, Mo is out...but not for long!
 Awwwww moment....
Bigger AWWWWWW moment....
 Even bigger AWWWW moment! Awake!
 Thank you Erin for that lovely presentation.
Lotta love between these two tonight! 

And this^^ is what happens when you ask ^Tamara^ to smile for the camera.
 The babies LOVE Tamara!
 That Mo is so sweet!

 We are all a bit nervous about this, but Mo could care less.
 Rebecca showed up straight from work!! Hardworking girl!
 And then this happened. I mean really? How sweet is this?
 Driscoe turns the page.

I had so much fun with everyone last night, I have the warm and fuzzies looking at all these pics today. We're just so blessed to have each other and to enjoy these random Wednesday evenings together. 
Eventually the babies went to sleep and we ate dinner and it was delicious! The fish Joe grilled were BEAUTIFUL and sooo tasty!! I'm so pissed I didn't get a pic!I have to get better about continuing the photo taking, it's just hard with a glass of wine in one hand and a toddler in the other.

Aunt Grace you forgot the picture Picaso Dax colored for you! We'll mail it to you asap! 
We can't wait to see you again soon! We love you so much!
One last thing!
 We'd like to wish my niece Isabella a happy belated birthday! She is such a sweetie! Has a heart of gold the size of Texas!
We love you Bella! 
love, bohoJB

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