Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter egg dyeing with a wild and unpredictable toddler

I saw online today where you put the eggs in a whisk and let the lil guys & gals dip away!

Dax loved it and sat still for a good 10 minutes.  He kept oooohing and ahhhing every time he would pull the egg out and look at the color.  He called them balls, until he started throwing and breaking them.  

All in all it was a success!  He only drank the dye once (koolaid is a good option if you are scared of your bambino drinking the dye).  He broke most of the eggs which Bonnie eventually ate, so not much to show for the whole day other than these pics.      

But did I mention he was happily still and entertained for 10 minutes straight??  SUCCESS!

I love Easter!


  1. I'm SO in love with his adorable face and those lips!! OMG! Those kissable lips! Sarah, you are such a great Momma. Your boys are just perfect in every way. Crushing hard on them. <3