Friday, March 8, 2013

2 Countries, 12 days, 1 pair of pants.

On our travels to London and then later to Paris I of course hand picked all my outfits and planned out every scenario in my head to make sure I was covered just in case something came up. You never know when you might be in a fur vest, sequined blazer, or floor length jumper kind of mood. Well low and behold, those things sat in the very bottom of my suit case for the ENTIRE trip. I am not sure if you guys stay connected with the weather in London or Paris during February but it's pretty rough. I had no idea, I looked on weather.com a couple of times before leaving and came to the conclusion that I needed to pick up some tights for under pants, just in case! Let's just say I wasn't stepping anywhere near the front door unless I had on my tights, tall socks, ankle socks, and a layering tank. I was even doubling up on my sweaters. Well just so happens I picked up a pair of black Citizen waxed skinny jeans from the store, Abejas, right before leaving. I would NEVER of guessed I would be in those bad boys from start to finish. Don't worry I changed the layering pieces, and tops daily but the pants sadly were the only things that were going to cut it.

The pants.

Wrapping up our trip in London, with Rock of Ages at the Garrick Theatre. It was so good, I'm not a Tom Cruise fan so I had my doubts but by the end I was on my feet singing at the top of my lungs. (Tom Cruise was not featured in this play).

Starting out our first day for market at Flotte's, in Paris.

Stopping at the Eiffel Tower, for a very brief hello and goodbye.

Grabbing a Nutella crepe from a street vendor, Nutella in anything is delicious!

Grabbed a drink and light bites at L'Avenue, amazing spring rolls!

Our last day to spend at market, had the best hot chocolate from Angelina's.

Our very last night in Paris, Sister was feeling a little racy as you can tell. 


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