Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beach. Beer. Babies.

I've got beach on the brain, baby. Last weekend we stayed at a wonderful bayhouse near San Luis Pass that my in-laws had rented for the entire family . The view was incredible, the sun was shining, the fish were biting, & the beer was cold....not much more you could ask for. After a full day of chasing the kids, we'd put them to sleep and nightfish on the bay; drinking way too much wine and singing way too loud to GREAT music. Now that, my friend, is a great night and also the perfect way to ring in the Spring.
Enjoy the pics and music below. When you're listening, try to imagine the smell of sunscreen, ice cold beer, and boiling crawfish...especially if you are sitting at work. Scratch that. How dare I bring up work at a time like this? I just heard a wave crash. 

*No babies actually consumed beer. That we know of. 

love, bohoJB


  1. Looks like it was a great weekend. Thanks for sharing.

    Doug & Bev

  2. we are thinking about heading to Freeport this weekend for a day....anything we should definitely do? Restaurants....whats the best beach? Ryan

    1. Surfside or Quintana beach are both great beaches! For the best breakfast tacos go to Lupitas, and for great seafood go to On The River restaurant. Have fun!!

    2. You're welcome! And seriously, if you make it to Lupita's order the hippo. you can thank me later ;)

  3. Great pictures Julie.. Wished I could have been there.