Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mini Ponies + Moccasins

S H E T L A N D  P O N Y  B O O T S
Sooo, I bought these boots from shoemint.com over a year ago, and when I first wore them Daron told me I looked like I should be riding a Shetland pony at a petting zoo at the rodeo, or something along those lines. I was dying laughing and never wore them again until now and I love them! I feel like I just got a new pair of shoes except I didn't spend any money! High Five!

    Shoemint no longer carries these mini boots, but check out these bad boys.
Sam Edelman Petty Bootie. I die. I love them, I'm kinda obsessed.

{Confession} Me and Sarah just got them! She is not that big of a fan, but I am loving mine, and they are 100x more comfortable than my shoemint mini shetland pony booties. So much for not spending any dough.
{Little friday evening stroll with the sweetest boys I know}
 M O C C A S I N S
Driscoe gets so many compliments on these little Moccasins his Aunt Sarah bought him that I had to share with everyone where you can find them.
Click Here to see:
Freshly Picked Moccasins

(^Look at those cute toes^)
They are all handmade with genuine leather in the good ol US and A, which, I liiiike! (Borat)
I swear any other shoe I put on his foot he fights me about it. With these, he stretches out that chubby leg and waits calmly as I slide them on. And calmness is worth every penny people!! So splurge on calmness if you can, you won't regret it. Also, for wobbly toddlers these are easier to walk in than those cool Converse I get from Target. While you are on the site, check out her blog, its a good one!
Have a great day everyone and please enjoy this very fitting video.
 Mini Ponies Rock! 

The little hoof ball-change at 0:23 second mark kills me!

love, bohoJB