Wednesday, March 6, 2013

babies make daylight savings terrifying

Dax goes to bed at 7PM...some days it feels like I just got home and he is going to sleep.  A lot of days, 7PM feels like it is never going to arrive.  And I did not set this schedule for him, I can't hold a schedule to save my life.  But I don't mess with his schedule, because at 6:45 he is in meltdown city and you gotta watch out. 

 A little glimpse into meltdown city  >>--->

But lately, where meltdown city is in full force around bed time, mornings have been glorious!!  2 babies, in bed, smiling and watching cartoons.  Its pretty much heaven. 

So what happens now????  Meltdown city is going to start an hour before I put him to bed??  Otherwise I keep his same schedule and he goes to sleep at 6??  My glorious mornings are gonna take a hit too...I can feel it. 

*Note that Mo has not been mentioned in this lil post, because he sleeps whenever he wants.  And still likes to wake up in the middle of the night for a snack.   

Bottom line - it all boils down to a lack of sleep.  And when you don't sleep, you sit and think about sleep.  And you curse things like daylight savings, which is about to wreck havoc on your sleep.  But cursing daylight savings makes me realize that I never curse the toddler sprouting molars or teething infant that REALLY keep me up all night.  So that's good right?  As my 19 year old cousin Tamara would say..."ahhhh motherhood". 


  1. Take me down to the Meltdown City where the screams are loud and the pants are shitty!! .. oh wont you please take me hooome?!?!?!

  2. HAAAAAAA!! Jason and I sing that all of the time!!! And I sing Tony Braxton "And i promise you i promise you that, that i will never sleep again. sleep again. sleep again. that i will never sleep again."