Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Never say never....I think I'm becoming a leash parent.

I THINK. Not really. Well, maybe. I'm more just stating that I totally get it now. 
We went to the rodeo the other weekend and he insisted on walking and of course I didn't bring a stroller to strap him in because I'm a complete moron. I didn't get the memo that you should always have a stroller with you when your child is 15 months old and hyper as heck. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I ended up trying to hold him or his heavy diaper bag most of the time resulting in a back pull that had me laid up for 3 days. FUN!
But back to the leash....as we were cruising through the super packed rodeo we heard a handful of people screaming for "Sam, he's in a brown sweater!!" My heart sank for them and of course I kept my eye out as much as I could for a brown sweater while trying to keep up with Driscoe's abnormally fast toddler legs. Not to mention I had 3 adults helping me and it was still tricky zipping through the crowd after his bouncing curls! Before this trip I would say NO to leashes, but I'm tellin' ya if someone would have thrown a  leash to me at the rodeo, that tot would have been lasso'd in a heart beat. Giddy up.

Look! He can think its just a cute doggy riding on his back! 
Sike, sucker! Mommy's got you!

Jeez...Dusty has a harness just like this.   
Walking dog, perfectly acceptable. Walking child? Starting to second guess this.

That's kinda cute right? I know my brother in law is shaking his head right now. Jason, I'm sorry for even flirting with the idea of harnessing your nephew.

See harnasee below:
Spotted: ^Unharnessed wild child trying to break into chicken pen^ 
 Hands off Papa
 Plotting his escape.
And he's off.

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