Thursday, July 24, 2014

002's Summer Market & Why I Fired My Brother.

This weekend will mark the most strange combination of sales pitches that I have ever given at any one time.

I will be selling some of my favorite things: doTerra Essential Oils, Laser Hair Removal & MoPho phone cases.

My brother was going to help sell essential oils & laser hair removal but he got fired before he even started. Some of his sales tactics were a little too colorful. Here's a few song & dances that he came up with all on his own:

  • "Hey you, with the crow's feet...come on over here!  We got an oil for that!"
  • "Excuse me, ma'am, you're looking a little chubby today!  We got an essential oil mix that will help suppress your appetite!  Au naturelle!"
  • "Hey Halitosis, honk that milk bone breath over hear and whisper without fear! It's called peppermint oil."
  • "Hey Unibrow, laser that now and ditch the cow (gf)!"
  • "You ...with the embarrassing, disobedient child...bet ya need somethin' to help put that nuisance to sleep at night!  We got somethin for ya!'*
  • 'Hey there, looks like you have extremely thick, coarse hair. Let me ask you: Does the carpet match the drapes?  You might want to look into laser hair removal!'*

What an a-hole. Two words: You're fired. Well actually, we need his manpower for setup and breakdown. But don't worry future customers, we won't allow him to talk.

Now that the snake oil salesman has been canned, come see us in a very safe and air conditioned environment! Should be fun!

Big Mar's oils in 002 Magazine's: 'Things I Love'.feature.

Big Mar in action.

Big Mar's happy laser customers! :)

MoPho time. Black stingray with Depetra embellishment. A fine partnership! The Depetra sisters will also be at market with their jewelry line. J'adore! 
Black stingray MoPho with bohoBlack monogram, done by MoPho designer Bennett Rowe

More embellishment via BRowe, the gent behind MoPho.  He is a good family friend and also a good regular friend. 
MoPho rockers. 
Pink stingray with coin embellishment via BRowe

Silver Street Studios
1501 Silver St.
9am - 2pm

*alright I made up the last two. Kind of fun to come up inappropriate sales pitches. 


  1. Damn! Those were hardcore sales pitches.. To think he use to sell medical equipment!

  2. I hope, you had succes!

    Nice items.

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