Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sarah is Giving a FREE Yoga Class!

Yes you read that right. Come to The Moonlight Dolls Studio tomorrow at 5:30 pm for a one-hour yoga class with Sarah!

Here are some of the highlights of yoga class with Sarah:
  • Yoga for All. It's perfect for newbies and yoga veterans. Sarah gives modifications for each pose. I promise that you won't feel like an idiot if you're new and you won't be bored if you're old (to yoga).
  •  Good Tunes. Sarah has always had an extensive music collection and her yoga playlist is no different. Be prepared to have your mind relaxed and body worked as you listen to everything from Led Zeppelin to Frank Ocean and every feel good tune in between.
  • Meditation. Have you ever had those days where you're exhausted because you've been thinking too much? It's not a good look for anyone. Meditation helps you to relax and let those tiring thoughts go. Sarah has a knack for giving you techniques that will help you to discover that happy, relaxing place that we all have at our very own fingertips. 
  • Inspiration. Each day she will leave you with some words of wisdom to carry with you into the trenches of your shitty life. LOL! Kidding. Her words will give you strength, hope & guidance for each and every day. 
  • Cold Wash Cloths, Essential Oils & Sarah's Magic Spell. There is this yoga pose called 'savasana' which is just a fancy word for planking, but on your back. It feels amazing when it's done after a long, sweaty yoga session. Some people get the same effect without having put in a workout and there's a fancy word for them too: lazy. Just kidding. The best part about savasana with Sarah is the cold wash cloth that she lays over your forehead while you're lying there with eyes closed and listening to soft tunes. Just when you think it won't get any better, she does thing thing where she rubs your face with her hands, which are doused with essential oils. I don't know where her hands have been, but I'm pretty sure they're clean because it's feels really nice and you won't want her to stop. You'll be back every week just to have her touch your face. 
This could be you!
Or this could be you.

Don't be intimidated by Madame Bendy. We can all get to this point with practice!

Peaceful, easy feeling.
Discover your own power.

When: Wednesday, July 23rd from 5:30-6:30 pm
Where: 1000 Prairie, Houston, Texas 77002

Hope to see you there!


  1. I'll be there!!!!!!! I can't touch my toes, i can't do plank, i can't even lay on my back, but i'm not missing that essential oil savasana!

  2. LOL! Dodie, you were pretty impressive in der. Love ya sis.