Wednesday, July 9, 2014



I love you sis. You know, it's really difficult to think I can give you anything for your birthday that might top the new life that is growing in your belly. I guess after all this time Daron finally learned how to beat us sisters to the punch! 

What I can give you is a giant reminder of how much I love you. 

In honor of your 30th birthday, here are 30 different ways that I love you more than you'll ever know:

1. I love the way you drop the hammer on Joe's friends when they are being stupid.

2. I love the squinty STFU-eyes that you give me when I'm drunk and talking too much. 

3. I love how you still love depressing music but you're never sad. 

4. I love how you are fiercely guarded around new people, yet you are the biggest lover once you've done a full background check. 

5. I love how you'll come veg out on the couch all day, with your family in tote. 

6. I love how you stay so calm when your son is projectile vomiting all over the living room...and in your hair and down your back. 

7. I love how you still have Daron completely p***y whooped after all these years...and when y'all wear matching clothes.

8. I love that you like me a little more than you like Sarah. 

9. I love how you slam on the brakes when you see a cop...even when you're not speeding. Because you never speed.

10. I love how you elongate your extremely loud burps by opening your mouth super wide.

11. I love watching you be a mommy.

12. I love watching you try not to laugh when you're scolding Driscoe. 

13. I love how you always have corn dogs.

14. I love how you are brutally honest....especially after you put a few back. 

15. I love how your nostrils flare when you laugh really hard.

16. I love how clear a dance floor with a stinky fart, and then blame it on Joe's friends.

17. I love how you don't kick my ass when I tell embarrassing stories about you. 

18. I love how you resemble Grandma Murdock. 

19. I love your nose ring.

20. I love how you are always down for McDonalds.

21. I love how you eat 15 french fries at a time.

22. I love how you make the best gag face when you're grossed out.

23. I love how you give people the stank eye, even when you don't mean it. 

24. I love how you invite me over for Saturday morning pancakes, and then make me more when I show up an hour later.

25. I love how you're addicted to frozen pickle juice.

26. I love how you always smell so good.

27. I love how you always forge your siblings names on people's birthday cards when you know we've forgotten to get a gift.

28. I love how you wipe your nose upwards with your palm and then keep running your hand through your hair.

29. I love how you are so trustworthy.

30. I love how you always let me use your toothbrush. 

(OK I went for 31!) 

31. I love how you inspire me to be an amazing woman.

I hope you have the happiest birthday, week, month & year, Julia! We love you so much.

Love Always,
Your bohoBaby Sistah 


  1. So great - #3 and #6 are my favorites!!!! Happy Birthday to you, Julia!

  2. Happy Happy 30th Birthday Jules!!! You really are one of those special people in this life...a rare and beautiful, BEAUTIFUL soul that has the ability to make everyone around you feel loved and happy. I hope today...that you are showered with all the happiness, love and fun that you give out so freely to others on a daily basis. You are an amazing person I feel so grateful to know. Cheers and lots of love from the Graffagnini Gang!!!!

    1. well Dana!! That made me so happy! thank you so much for being so sweet!!! made my day!! kiss all those Graffs for me please!!! xoxoxoxox

  3. Beverly! i LOL'd at all of this and definitely cringed at some of it, u little shit, guess that's what little sisters are for!! I love you so much! Thanks for making me feel so great on my 30th birthday!! xxxxx

  4. Happy birthday Jie! You are an amazing beautiful person inside and out! I love you to the moon and back sister! Xo Val

  5. Julie Beverly and I love you soooo much!! Happy Birthday!!

  6. That was awesome Gracie.. Happy Birthday day, week, month, and year, Julie! Love you!