Monday, July 21, 2014


I'm happy to report that since my little rant over how NOT to speak to a pregnant person I have felt more at peace about those people and their nice little comments. Not to mention, the stories I read after posting that had me laughing and cringing all at once, it totally helped me realize that everyone deals with this. Regardless, it's nice to get things like that off your chest, so my advice, vent away people!

I'm also happy to report that Driscoe and Donovan's rooms are ALMOST done. Here is a peek at the crib Daron spray painted for Donovan:

Crib//Jenny Lind by DaVinci //White $199 
It came out so good, I just love it! We thought about painting it ourselves, but after reading horror stories on the difficulty of painting a Jenny Lind crib we decided to spray paint. I did have to sand it down a bit because Driscoe had teethed on it so much, and boy that was exhausting. I was SO excited to sand it too, I have no clue why? 

We went with this spray paint because of a recommendation from a few blogs, it worked wonderfully! We used about 6 cans of the Red Banner. I say, 'we' haha, I did zero spray painting. I couldn't find anything about this being safe for teething however, so my plan is to try these. Other than spray painting the crib, I've just cleaned out closets, the rest of this room still looks like Driscoe's old room, and it's driving me nuts. I want it completely different, but in case you didn't know, it gets much harder to do things when you are 37 weeks. Of course I could ask Daron to do anything, but I'm also incredibly indecisive, I don't even know what I like, and Pinterest boards are not helping me narrow ANYTHING down, shocking I know.  

As for Driscoe's new 'Big Boy Room'....he loves it! Even Dax loves it! I came home from work one day and Dax was over and the first thing he did was show me Driscoe's new room. Could they get any cuter?

Mustard Yellow Blanket//Target $37 Black and White Pillow// Ikea $10
Black and White Blanket//Ikea $19.99 Jenny Lind Bed// Land of Nod $799
Teal and White throw pillow//Target $15.99 Nighstand//Ikea $179
Dreamcatcher//Etsy $40 
Rug//We had previously I think from RUGUSA.com Curtains//Also had previously from West Elm
Toddler//Not for purchase Basketball//Target.com Lamp//Target.com

We taught him the song about monkeys jumping on the bed and bumping their head. It's not resonating, he will not stop jumping, especially when that Gummi Bear song is on.
I LOVE how his room turned out, especially because it's big enough to hold all his toys! We finally have our living room back, well not 100% back, but maybe 80%. 

I've been meaning to post more pics of the rooms because they have been done for about a month now, but I've just been so lazy! I don't remember feeling like this when I was in my third trimester with Driscoe? Maybe I wasn't as tired because I didn't have a 2.5 year old wild human being living in my house? Whatever it is, I hit a wall after a few hours of doing something strenuous, and because I'm spoiled by my husband, I sit my happy a$$ on the couch and just try to avoid my belly being hit by a flying toddler, which can be pretty stressful at times.

I did discover a new game the other day when Driscoe's rough housing partner had to run up to the office for a few hours. It involves coins and a piggy bank and that's it. He was occupied for over an HOUR. We just kept repeating, put the coins in, take them ALL out. He loved it, and my belly was safe, high five. 

Post Office Mailbox Coin Bank & Mini Safe//Gift from Cathy (We love it!)

So anyways, 3 more weeks. Ready or not. I've been having nightmares about not being prepared, maybe if I bought some newborn diapers they would stop?
Why am I freakin' out?



  1. That video is so cute... And now the Gummi Bear song is stuck in my head. It just struck me as to why he was so adamant about jumping into the Costco-size bag of Gummi Bears yesterday. Can't believe he didn't get any. :-( Well, at least I know how to bribe him when I get to babysit when you've got a newborn!!! :-D I CAN'T WAIT! LOVE YOU!