Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Moonlight Dolls Studio // So Much to Celebrate!

I have been in hiding for the last month, preparing for Prohibition's big move to its new downtown location. I get to be a downtown girl! It'll be just like my days walking the streets of charming Paris: Mom N Pop grocers, delightful restaurants and casual conversations with eccentric folks who can only be found in a city's centre. 

Thinking of the cleaning and unpacking we have to do makes me want to take a nap  but still, we have so much to celebrate. In the midst of the madness, I've made a point to stop this holiday season and thank my lucky stars to be part of something so great. Aside from The Moonlight Dolls' production, Prohibition has had the opportunity to entertain Houston through its private events. Ever heard of pop-up burlesque?!

Oh! And restaurant life is crazy in case you guys didn't know! bohoJacy, can I get an AMEN?!?!  The madness that ensues all for the purpose of getting that perfect plate of food in front of the customer is mind-boggling, but oh so rewarding!  Now throw a full burlesque production into the mix and watch things get really interesting!

Still, the growth and transition has been a very positive experience. Even though some of us would like to punch each other in the face daily, we have made great leaps and bounds as a team. At the end of the day we are like family. An incredibly dysfunctional family. But one thing is for certain, we put the 'fun' in dysfunctional! 

The owner's of Prohibition, Anh Mai and Lian Nguyen, are true inspirations. With tenacity and perseverance they have pursued their idea and to say it's come into fruition would be an understatement. I'm doing my best to earn my keep so that I can continue being part of an American dream in this great city! Get ready Houston, let us entertain you!

The Moonlight Dolls have been a staple at craft cocktail bar and upscale restaurant, Prohibition for over two years. Recently, The Moonlight Dolls have announced their decision to continue weekly performances at what will be the newly renovated Prohibition, located at 1008 Prairie in revitalized downtown Houston. The Moonlight Dolls have adopted the space at 1000 Prairie to serve as their official dance studio. In addition to regular rehearsals, the space will be used for burlesque workshops, fitness classes, and merchandising, including a newly developed, prime makeup line.  

The Moonlight Dolls will be holding their 2014 audition for burlesque dancers and specialty performers on January 4th, 5th & 12th at The Moonlight Doll Studio. Details at www.themoonlightdolls.com.

Second Home Sweet Home!

bohoDance lover,

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