Thursday, January 16, 2014

Motherhood Meltdown Number 1 million. Does my two year old need to be in school?!??!?

I am pretty sure this is completely normal, and if it is, then you can all just agree with me and we can move right along with our fear that we have royally screwed up as parents. If it's not normal then lie to me.
Basically my irrational mom-worry started when Driscoe decided he no longer wanted to breast feed at 10 weeks and I was forced to quit. Great, now we'll have to give him gasp FORMULA, and he'll never grow up to be a healthy, loving child....major mom fail?!!!
He is fine.

Then it was the bottle. Doctors orders, no more bottle at 1. We stopped at 2. For a FULL year I thought his teeth were going to rot out of his mouth. I was just waiting for them to literally fall right out of his gums onto his pillow at night while he drank his bottle!
His teeth are fine.

You would think I've learned that these worries are irrational and stupid, that he is going to be just fine and I would stop wasting time and energy on worries. Well I haven't.

Currently my new worry is SCHOOL. Ughhh, the dreaded school talk. I've been hearing about schools in Houston since I moved here in 2004. Private vs. Public, waiting lists, admissions, legacies (that word makes me cringe), HISD, zoning, magnet program, blah blah blah blah blah. I grew up in Freeport! You went to the public elementary school closest to your house, and then to the same intermediate school and the ONLY high school in town, nothing worth discussing - much less worrying about.  So all this school talk is SUPER foreign to me and I kind of hate it. I've had it in my head that when it comes time for Kindergarten, maybe pre-school, Driscoe will go to the school we are zoned to, and for the most part I ignore the school convos because I don't have to worry with it until he is maybe 4.
Well, apparently kids start school at 1 in Houston.

Now I find myself printing applications trying to get him enrolled in some sort of PRE PRE PRE school.  My worried mind wonders if he needs some socialization and teachers and rules and order? But he still craps in his pants? And if other kids are already in school and he isn't will he be behind when his small town mom FINALLY enrolls him at gasp AGE 4!?  And maybe get held back?  or Fail? And now I am missing Freeport and that small town simplicity. 

No pants, one sock, Ivy League ready.

The good news is, I was talking to our close friend Dacia the other day who has daughters in high school. She said she STILL freaks out about this kinda stuff. For her its SAT prep courses, college applications and feeling like she is going to forget one or the other; ruining their chance at a good college and destroying their future. So, I have at least 18 more years of this. Oh motherhood.



  1. Love this post!! So true! We put Marlin (2) in school and had to take him out...he cried everyday and it just wasn't the right fit...we are going to give it another go when it feels right...maybe Fall - he will be almost 3 then...now he's happy and we are happy, that's all that matters.

    1. that is totally all that matters and jeez i never even thought about them not liking it! haha! I think that is what i'm gonna do with Driscoe, wait until this fall and we'll see! Thanks for you comment, totally makes me feel better! *slap skin!

  2. Ryan that makes me feel so much better!! I have the same fear that they are totally missing the boat, but as with everything, its different for each baby and each momma I guess.