Monday, January 6, 2014

Kinfolk Table with a Toddler

When Jason and I met, I did not cook.  I could make mac 'n cheese and toast, staples growing up in my house.  Fast forward a few years and this was one of my favorite Christmas presents from my new sister-in-law Kristen.  A cookbook.  It's a beautiful collection of recipes from artists, writers, designers, photographers, cooks and others who are interested in creating intimate gatherings and yummy food. The pictures and articles about each recipe and the person contributing it are simple, inspiring and interesting.  It makes you want a romantic, candle lit dinner with a few people, great wine and some Alabama Shakes playing on the turn table.  But since that is REALLY hard to come by in my house, I decided to enlist Dax & Grace to help me prepare my first Kinfolk meal.  Romantic?  Not really, but hilarious, and helpful, only a few tantrums and a super delicious meal. 

We headed to the store to gather our items.  Now most people in this book grow their own herbs and chickens but not us, we go to the grocery store and we do it with style.  


Yes his shoes are off and yes he tried to swipe that gum.  At least Grace had her shoes on.

We got pretty herbs and Dax sorted them into a bunch so we could tie them together.  He also inserted them into the chicken's cavity and loved it (Grace and I tried not to gag).  I would then cut up all the veggies, pass them to him in small bowls and he would stir them into the bottom of the roasting pan.

He helped pat seasoning on the chicken and sprinkled salt, pepper, etc all over the veggies. He then continued to stir, and stir and stir those veggies.  We placed the chicken in the pan, said a lil prayer and about 30 mins later, BOOM.  Perfection.  

It was fun and in my opinion turned out way prettier than anything I saw in that beautiful book. We had a cozy, intimate dinner including myself, Jason, Grace & Dax.  A football game was blaring in the background, no candles anywhere in sight (he's kind of a pyro, long story) great wine, milk and ketchup for Dax.  

We all know that toddlers are a constant practice of patience, cooking with a toddler is patience practice overload.  It's exhausting and there were times I was counting to ten and thinking I should not be so close to sharp objects - joking. But we had a blast, he was so proud and I couldn't be prouder.  


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