Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday Family Dinner - January

In 2014 I want to be better about a monthly Sunday family dinner.  Include Jason and my extended families and cook a big fun casual dinner together.  Yesterday we kind of did just that, it was impromptu, unexpected and a blast!  We had burgers, perfect weather, family, some friends....and a new haircut.  Please don't kill me bohoJulia, but I had to acknowledge it. Sweet bohoBaby Driscoe got a haircut, and he is getting it fixed cut again on Thursday....stay tuned. 

Dax & Driscoe were inseparable, they played all day.  Shared a chair, had a few fights, ate a ton of candy and split a coke.
Karter came to play!!  He is 2 months younger than Morris, has the cutest face and expressions, is super chatty and walking everywhere!!!
Mo is 17 months and not quite walking.  He truly is the most chill, mellow lil Dude ;)
Cheers!  Sharing a chair again.
Driscoe's "dare ya to say somethin about my bowl" face.  
Aunt Grace & Dax.....I have no words for Dax's outfit.  He picked out his "stripes" American Apparel pants. 
Grandma & Dax showing Driscoe their ninja moves.
Driscoe's ninja moves.
Driscoe's ninja moves are pretty spectacular.
The hungry familia.   Joe and Daron are matching,  shirts and faces.
And then this happened.  And this NEVER happens.
Babies were crashed out by 7PM, Jason and I watched the Grammy's in our pj's and it was a perfect lil unplanned Sunday.  


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