Thursday, January 9, 2014


Lately I've been doing a whole lotta nothin, sorta. Did you know iPhone has a slo-mo camera? I noticed from JennaB's Instagram and I've been taking videos of Driscoe shooting hoops on his new basketball goal Santa brought him, non-stop. Remember, the basketball goal he put on his wish list that we posted on the blog for Santa to see? Well, Santa saw! I woke up Christmas morning and slap yo mama, there was a basketball goal in our living room! Anyways, these videos crack me up, especially the first one where the ball comes back and hits him on his cute widdle nose. Is that mean? It just makes me giggle every time. Don't worry he was fine, cute nose, still in tact.

I've also been napping on the weekends when Driscoe naps. You know that saying, 'sleep when they sleep', except every mom knows you never REALLY do it because of the millions of chores you have around the house, and then you wonder who the hell came up with that saying to begin with because SURELY they didn't have kids (whew, longest run-on ever). Well I've been doing it, and its amazing, and I highly recommend you say screw the chores and nap in the afternoon, it's heavenly.

For New Years Eve our best good friends Bennett and Dacia, aka Bubbles and Cha-Cha invited us to a beach house in Galveston for some fireworks, vino, steaks, and just a grand ol time. P.S. Bubbles does not play when it comes to fireworks! He had legitimate, City of Houston level fireworks going off in the lot across from us! It was awesome, and a little nerve wracking. Fortunately it rained a little and the neighbors got a free Fireworks show, so everyone was safe and happy!

After Johnny Football beat Duke we headed a mile down the road to our best friends Chris and Izzy's beach house to ring in the New Year by shoving as many grapes in our mouths as we could before our kisses. Izzy was adamant we do this Spanish tradition, and when Izzy is adamant about anything involving Spain, then you abide. So, we ate grapes, a lot of them. It was hilarious, and so fun. Driscoe actually partied through midnight, so we all got to kiss him too, which was just icing on the cake. Before we left Bubble's showed everyone the heat he was packing in Fireworks, and they were just as amazed and nervous.

The next morning we woke up and hit the beach with everyone including the DeVon's who made it down just in time to play. Dax and Driscoe pushed their toy trucks down the beach for at least 3 miles. I'm not kidding. It was incredible. If only we could bottle up their energy. They weren't even short of breath, is that normal?? 

Later that week we saw a lot of our family we don't normally get to see, but of course not for the reason you hope. Unfortunately we lost our cousin Carol over Christmas and made a road trip to Corpus Christi to lay her to rest. I 100% believe she is in a better place, that she is happy, finally healthy, and watching over all of us. I know she watched over everyone that drove to her funeral, especially us because Sarah drives really fast. She was such a strong, courageous woman, I just continue to pray for her daughter and all of our family. I can't imagine losing my big sister, my mom, my child. It all just hurts. We brought Dax with us which definitely lightened the mood at times. It's hard not to smile and laugh at that sweet little boy, especially when he refuses to listen to anything on the radio except RAP.
So with that said, I've been hunkered down with my little family, enjoying the small things in life like slo-mo videos, naps, fireworks & grape eating contests with old friends, my family, and just being thankful for our health in this New Year.
Somewhere on 59 headed to Corpus.
How can you not feel God in this pic?

love, bohoBoolie


  1. Love this Julie!! You are great mommy!!! I love following all of you girls blogs! xoxox Val