Friday, January 17, 2014

Dear Clark, I love my shampoo.

My mom loves patchouli.  Which, if you are unfamiliar with the smell, the urban dictionary defines patchouli as: Hippie perfume...smells like forest, pot and snuggling. I kind of love that definition.  And I really love my mom, so naturally I have always loved the smell of patchouli.  I didn't realize it was a hippie smell until I was in college and I overheard an ex-boyfriend saying "her mom is a total hippie, she wears patchouli".  It's like when Daron (my brother-in-law) came to a family gathering for the first time and noticed my Aunt's mullet. Those things that are staring you in the face, but you don't notice until someone else points it out.  I'm rambling.
Back to my shampoo, on a girls trip with the lovely girl crush Carla (who has AMAZING hair btw), I used her shampoo and was instantly hooked!  It smells natural and delicious, a bit like patchouli, but very sophisticated feminine patchouli.  It reminded me of my mom, of growing up and if they made a perfume that smells like this shampoo I would wear it every single day.  It's made in Texas by two Dallas hair stylists with natural ingredients FROM Texas and the yummy scent comes from pure and powerful essential oils.  It's not cheap ($22), and you have to order online, but I promise it's a splurge you get to smell all day and my hair feels better than ever.  
You can purchase HERE.  And if you are not into shampoo or patchoui, here is a pic of Mo.  >>-----> Because everybody is into gorgeous babies right?

Happy Friday folks!

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