Monday, June 3, 2013

Now what!

I have been so proud and pumped that both babies finally sleep in the same room!  They go to bed at 7PM and usually wake up around 7:30AM.  I'm spoiled and I know it, and when we say their bed time prayers every night, we all thank God that they like to sleep. 

As of today, all of that is ruined.  We had a jail break this morning.  And even worse, an unlawful entry into another crib unsupervised.  

Jason left this morning and I heard Dax yell "Mommy!".  No way, I thought, this is too early.   I kept trying to go back to sleep for just 5 more minutes and I could hear him in his room chatting and Mo babbling and squealing back.  They were laughing and having fun.  I thought this is great, they are entertaining themselves, I can definitely get another 5 more minutes!  And then I heard their door open and the distinct sound of a full speed toddler sprinting down the hallway.  Before I could put together what was happening my door slammed open and Dax yelled "SAWAH!!"  He's been calling me Sarah a lot lately, well Sawah.  I kinda love it.  He still says Mommy.  So we were up!  And went back to his room to check on Morris who was smiling UNDERNEATH Dax's blanket and had a random stuffed animal in his crib. 

 He loves getting in Mo's crib and jumping on the bed as Morris laughs uncontrollably. 

 But he also likes to jump ON Mo, who still laughs uncontrollably as I have a heart attack.

  Sneaking in his crib and kindly reading to his brother has only happened once.  With his shoes on - so of course it ended with him kicking Mo in the head.

As soon as you think you've got it figured out they throw ya a curve ball.  I have been asking around about crib tents and apparently they are unsafe and frowned upon....unless you have a cat?  Freaking weird. 
A sleep sack will hopefully keep him from being able to climb out of his crib.  I found this one by Merino Kids and this lil dude probably just threw the biggest tantrum at his mom for putting him in that thing and is now in the pouting phase.  But I'm going to give it a try, and lower Mo's crib mattress, and say an extra prayer tonight about staying in our cribs until Mommy (or Sawah) comes in!!!



  2. it was a disaster. he broke out again and i put the sleep sack on him, only to witness a monster enter his body and turn him into a lunatic. round 2 tonight, i'll keep ya posted.