Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NBA Gravy Pass

I was out for 2 days last week and I’m still eyeballs deep in emails which means I’m too busy to write about anything that takes too much thought. Instead, I will express myself through GIFs.
Yesterday I woke up early like a champ, ready to tackle the morning...

...only to discover there was a nail in my tire.
Finally got to the office. Late. I was hoping that while I was gone things would run themselves and I’d be doing this upon my triumphant return to the corporate world:
But this was me when I logged on yesterday morning and saw my inbox.
By high noon things had not improved too much.
I keep getting distracted with visuals of what my girlfriends and I were doing in NYC:
I need one of these:
Or one of these... (I would like to be on the receiving end)
Then I remembered that the Spurs are in the Finals and I was like…
Oh! One more! Don't blink!
Ok last one:
And just like that I'm back on the gravy train with the 'most winningest team in the league'. Things are looking up. June 6th---BANG!
Love, Grace

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