Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make Believe

Initially when we started this blog we had every intention of having more fashion content, and someone the other day said they loved our 'mommy blog', and I just laughed. I realize we aren't the best at selfies, there is usually a child crying in the background or it just feels weird, and we don't have much time to lay out our outfits and explain each piece/brand/style. So in an attempt to add some fashion to this blog I shall start posting my favorite sets from Polyvore. It's easy, they always have stuff I LOVE and i'll start feeling like babies haven't completely taken over this blog, even though we all know they totally have and that isn't such a bad thing. So here are a few to start with that totally caught my eye......
My Mod Swimming Pool

My Mod Swimming Pool by the-kwas on Polyvore

This set made me want to go to Austin, TX and swim in a super mod pool.  After seeing this I started searching for my favorite summer styles because I was envisioning myself at that pool, with a fancy cocktail, and a super rad outfit! This again is why I love Polyvore....you get to make believe!  So, onward with the make believing!

Geen titel #99

Geen titel #99 by elinemarialola featuring smart phone cases
I like this set for 3 things. The glass of champagneor i like to think its Proseccothe Valentino top,  and the vintage key charm. All could be worn at my pool party, if it were in Greece, maybe not my mod pool party in Austin. Those wedges scream Aegean Sea, and I've actually been there, who do I think I am?!? So pool party moved to Greece, no big deal, we'll be back in Austin soon.....

The Princess - J'adore plein soleil...***

The Princess - J'adore plein soleil...*** by sylvialucky featuring a straw hat

And we are back! Oh this set....for starters, top left, worn-out tees/tanks are my absolute fav right now. Bottom right I love her anklets! I think anklets scream summer time & that beaded cuff is so Mexico. Just add an ice cold Corona Light, fully dressed (salt, lime). 
I'm loving sneakers right now. I just copied one of my favorite blogger's Ascot Friday and bought these. If your kickin' some New Balance in Austin, you will fit in just fine! And though the tan lines suck, I would totally rock one of those one pieces.

denim shorts

No summer look is complete without the classic cut-off jean short. My favorite piece of clothing for the summer, hands down. Get that cuffed short out of my face, I love frayed and ripped. Leave it to my best friend (still pretending) at Ascot Friday to make this set of perfect cut off jean shorts, for my perfect party that she already RSVP'd for. Chest Bump!

Festival Fun: Dress Your Bestie for Bonnaroo

Festival Fun: Dress Your Bestie for Bonnaroo by bamaannie featuring madewell shoes

And in the biggest make believe section of this post, after the party we are going to Bonnaroo and I own every single thing in this post, including the people. Wait, too far, the people are my best friends and family and we are loading up in that VW and hitting the road. And those booties and that romper...I die.

 //Reality ReCap//
 // My pool party will probably be at my in-laws sweet pool in Houston or Tiki, both equally fun.
// Nordstrom B.P. has the best cropped tanks for a very reasonable price, no Valentino for moi.
// Target is stocked on worn out tees and cut off shorts that i'll definitely be rockin' poolside.
// Urban Outfitters has a huge selection of super cute Rompers & Booties.
// West Elm has these super mod and cool outdoor dining chairs on sale right now! 
// Bonnaroo  will happen without me, and I could care less, but I still want that VW van!

Until next time!

Love, bohoHoolia

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