Friday, June 21, 2013

Flashback Friday

4 years ago today my man turned 30 and we had the trashiest, white trash bash this side of the mason-dixon. We really play the role well, but i'm not going to read into that or anything, we are just damn good actors. So in honor of the birthday boy, and because these pictures deserve to be circulated again, I have to do a 
Flashback Friday - Daron's 30th Birthday Edition.......Happy Birthday Daron!!

Peg Bundy and her young lover!
Joe and J Drab upon seeing each other:
J Drab- 'Put it there chicken legs!'
Gittin the pool set up for a lil dip!
'Oh honey get that camera outta here, I'm bout to get a tattoo!!'
Don't be takin no damn pictures of me, ya here, now go on and run that route I taught ya!!!
'Ya'll tell dem kids the pools almost full!!!'
'Alright, e'rbody say, Beer!!!'
Ya'll wanna see me slip n slide??!

And then Baytown showed up.......
'Girrrrl where'd ya get that outfit!!!'
'Oh and thank ya'll for bringin' your own chairs and Little Debbie snack cakes!'

"Bless her heart, still don't know who the daddy is."
Now what kind of riff raff do we have here?
'Settin' up some nice chairs by the pool'
'Uncle Hubert made it out too! Heard he's gettin dem teeth fixed next month."
Best redneck costume award was that there kini, but somethin' ain't right about a Mexican in a Confederate flag.
RIP Daisy Dookers....she was always down for a party at Browes.*tear
That better be Franzia in your wine pouch, Spaniard!
That there is my best good friend, Heather! Cute purse girl!
K Lee and GG!
'Hold on baby, mama needs a drink!'
Swan walked up while this was going down and was really disturbed! It's no wonder Lil Rambo is so wild!! ;) (kidding it was just water, we ain't THAT trashy, but best pic of the night!)
Swan, waiting for Sarah and/or Jacy to dance on him, watch out ladies, he has that look......
Gittin ready for her big performance....
That Vodka is way too fancy for our party Uncle Tim!
Kissin' Cousins that will beat your a$$! 
I just fell for the, 'do you like seafood' joke.....Grow up Sarah.
"Y'all, I need a drink of my beer before I sing Harper Valley PTA!!'
"Well, there's Bobby Taylor sittin' there and seven times he's asked me for a date...."
"I love corn dogs, and dancing. I love dancing and corn dogs. I can't see, why are my eyes closed? Corn dooooogs.'
YES STONEY & the beer helmet!!!!!
This is a fun combo!!!
Is that K-Fed?! 
La Bamba's brother, Bob made an appearance!
I love you man!
Who's that hottie with the knotty body!?
'We pulled baby sister Grace outta that trailer park down the way......girl hadn't showered in weeks.'
Brothers gotta hug.......
"Swan quit gettin the James Coney waiters wasted, save the booze for us!'
Family pic, even managed to get a smile out of Frank (he never shows his teeth.)
2 bikini babes!
'Love it or leave it!'
 Fort- 'And then I yelled at dat som-bitch, bring ur ass on down here and i'll kick it myself, ya here?!'  Audra- "Oh hun I know, I don't know whats gotten into this generation, they all think they know everything what with that there internet and all. Ain't like it used to be!'
Brandi- "Heeeey, please don't dip me"
'What r u lookin at, scallywag?'
'Who you callin' scallywag??!'
Peg Bundy lost her wig!
'Aunt Bambi made it out of the nursin' home for a few!'
"Anybody wanna hear some Skynyrd?'
"Showin up in dem red heels, tryin to steal my man!"

Frank you getting lonely without Laura?
I can't believe she wore her good house shoes to the party, done ruined em.
'Them Baytown girls think they the Judds wearing them fancy shoes.'
"Just kickin hippies asses and raisin hell!!!!!'

I told you we were great actors that night! 

Hope you enjoyed the flashback! Have a great weekend ya'll and Happy Birthday to my  favorite redneck lover!

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