Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cabo Girls Trip 2013. Girls, tequila, sunburns and laughs!

A few weeks ago I was invited on the girls trip of a lifetime.  My sweet friend Izzy turned 30 something, and to celebrate her husband booked us a 2 bedroom suite at Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas.  Between the four of us we left 8 babies at home with their bad ass Dad's (and maybe some in-laws) and our relaxing weekend began!  We sipped cocktails at the pool, got massages, ate like Queens, took a boat ride and hung out on a deserted island.  Or something like that.  

*This post is not sponsored by Don Julio.  But it should be.
Drinks upon arrival went down too quickly.  It was straight to the pool bar where we bellied up for 4 hours and chugged sipped a bottle of tequila.  Until it was gone.  

Next we explored the huge property.  We might have been lost, but we did some great sight seeing and bunny hopped over the cutest lil cactus.  Which was totally safe, I'm sure. 


 We held hands as we skipped around the entire property.  Trying to find our room, trying not to drop things and trying not to fall down.  We stopped for impromptu singing and dancing breaks.  I'm sure the honeymooners surrounding us loved it!

The next day we took it easy.  Walks on the beach, shopping, massages and chilled in the dipping pool IN our room.  We ordered a bottle of Don Julio, and spent the whole day sipping on it.  

Day three was a more like day one.  Breakfast of mimosa's, tequila shots and vodka sodas.  The birthday girl got treated to a large warm shot of golden tequila, as well as a head shake and an awkward lap dance - more like a small waiter just sat on her lap.

We then took a private boat to lovers beach.  A very small, blue and stinky private boat.  Where I almost broke a hip trying to board.  I'm sure Don Julio had nothing to do with it.

We did some rock climbing.  Very active trip. 

We rolled around on lovers beach.  Got sunburnt.  Drank some warm beers and laughed till our belly's hurt.  
The last night was dinner at Capella's restaurant El Farallon.  It's located on a cliff over looking the coastline and the hotel. 


This trip was over 3 weeks ago and I still laugh out loud thinking of so many random moments.  I am beyond blessed with these amazing girlfriends who have each helped me through some big life changes and tough times.  There is a certain confidence and comfort having true best friends gives you.  As busy as life gets I never want to take any of my friendships for granted or forget how therapeutic an all girls get together is!! 

I love you Izzy, Melisa & Carla!!  Can't wait for the next one!

Paradise is always where love dwells.
Jean Paul F. Richter

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