Monday, December 3, 2012

Hangover grub

Let's talk hangover food.  A few weeks ago I was having lunch at Coppa and bohoboyfriend Grant, one of the owners (and bohoJC's hubby) brought up an idea for a blog post!  I told him I was a wee bit hungover and craving the spaghetti carbonara.  Which prompted us to get on the topic of favorite hangover foods.  And what is it about hangover foods?  As if drinking till the point my head is screaming isn't bad enough for me, I then feel like the next day I am allowed to eat anything I want.  I always feel kind of sorry for myself when I'm hungover, "poor me, I should eat anything I want to help me feel better".  But, what I want to eat is never a salad or grilled chicken.  Does unhealthy food really make your hangover better?  Or is drinking to the point of a hangover already a sabotage to your healthy life and so you just continue with some good greasy hangover food?  That being said, here is some favorite hangover foods from the bohoBlack girls...
This is bohoJulie's favorite....my stomache is growling.

And mine, the spaghetti carbonara from Coppa, drizzled with a parmesan cream sauce and that little quail egg....I think I might be hitting all 5 food groups here! 

So my best good friend bohoJC is an unapologetic FOODIE!!  When I asked her what her favorite hangover food was she said "nopalito tacos from Laredo taqueria".  I am Mexican and I have no clue what that is, but she also said "basically grease".  So, I decided to go with a pic I just happened to have in my phone because I might have eaten this last week (if my trainer Anna is reading this, I'm totally joking) not really, it was amazing. 

bohoGrace, girl after my own heart, turns to Mickey D's nuggets and fries.  Growing up in our house we would celebrate ANYTHING with mickey d's.  Got good grades?  Lets go to Mcdonalds!  First place in a swim meet?  McDonald's!!  Behaved in church?  We should go to McDonald's!!  Why not celebrate that hangover with some McDonald's?  It's just who we are I guess. 
bohoKady goes after the ginger chicken noodle soup with rice from Jenni's noodle house. This looks really healthy to me.  And yummy.  Who knows I might try this next time I'm hungover and - gasp, I decide not to go for the grease.  
And with all of that said, there is NO cure for a hangover with kids.  I don't care what you eat.  Unless someone out there knows something I don't.  And if you do please share.  Please.  These babies can somehow drive you to drinking, and at the same time make you swear you will never drink again!  But gosh they make you laugh, and laughing cures everything!  ;)

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  1. SaraGorgeous, mine is hair of the dog...a spicy Bloody Mary with horseradish. Toss in a flatbread pizza with fresh mozzarella and I'm feeling much better. As for handling a hangover with your babies, my own experience is that the ONLY cure is a Grandmother or Aunt! Love the pic of the hungover Daddy. ;-)