Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Our First Christmas
We did the "normal" Thanksgiving here in Houston... kind of.  We wore wigs, watched football ate turkey and played monopoly.  It was extremely easy and laid back.  I made homemade cranberry sauce, herbed deviled eggs, pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and toffee crunch, dark chocolate brownies, and some healthier chocolate chip cookies.(let me know if you all want the recipes)  I also made fun centerpieces made from veggies...
As of this moment, I can't tell you what I, Caymus, Gjelina, or the boyfriend is wearing for for Christmas but we definitely have started our Restaurant Planning for our 2 week Vacay in Los Angeles!!! http://mvink.com, madeo, http://www.joansonthird.comhttp://www.gjelina.com, http://www.thetastingkitchen.com, http://www.mozzarestaurantgroup.com, http://www.katsu-yagroup.com/izakaya.html...

We are so excited... It will be several firsts for our family! Gjelina's first Christmas, Caymus' first trip to LEGOland, and our first time as a couple to share New Year's Eve together outside of our restaurants. I Know NYE is overrated but we are so excited to share it together in our favorite city.  
Where do you celebrate?  

Caymus has been so excited to check for emails from Santa Claus....

If you haven't seen the Fabulous videos from PNP
it's so much fun to see Caymus' face light up watching it...


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