Monday, December 24, 2012

I think I hate the holidays..

No, I don't.  But you think holidays with kids is going to be so amazing and magical, and right now it's just hectic and overwhelming.  I'm sure Christmas morning is going to be the best ever right?  Currently all I can think of is where are we going to put all of these toys (clutter) they are about to get?  And how many more Christmas PJ's do they really need?  Deep breath.  I realized last week I had not bought ONE present for baby Morris.  Will he know that?  No.  But I do.  And it made me feel like a horrible mother, so today we went to Target and I jammed that cart full of anything and everything I could find.  More clutter basically.  And I got to make this Christmas Eve trip with both babies, because during the holidays nannies get a week off!!  A week!!  Sigh.  Just writing this makes me feel a bit better, so thank you for letting me vent and I know its only going to get easier and more fun from here. I know that I am so incredibly blessed to have these sweet silly babies that make the holidays so hectic and Christmas morning the best ever.  Merry Christmas everyone!!



  1. dude i KNOW!!! and honestly, last minute shopping doesnt work with babies and thats all i have EVER done! i think we have to start planning in advance for Christmas or something, cuz taking these babies to the store is a nightmare and I just have one! And for the record, i didnt get Driscoe anything either. they only like paper and boxes this year anyways right?!?! ugh. maybe we suck.

    1. OMG! Boxes are the BEST for babies/toddlers! My two kids would play in a huge box all day. Toss in a pot and wooden spoon and you have a built in babysitter! :-)

      As a now Grandmother to an almost four year old, please take these two bits of advice:

      1) Check the "Mommy Guilt" at the door. Actually, toss it out the door. No room for that since you learn as you go. Who in the hell would have time or want to read a How To Manual anyway?
      2) Always do what works best for you and your kids. It's your time to be a Mom and figure it all out for yourself. What works best for one, may not work best for you. So, cut yourselves some slack and just do what feels right.

      And, mostly, embrace every single moment you have with these precious babies! You've heard it and now know it without a doubt that time flies when you have little ones. So, get down on the floor and play, let them skip naptime if you want to giggle instead, feed them ice cream if that's all they will eat for dinner, because sisters, at the end of every day what matters most is that you put all the love you had on your babies (and your men) and you did it all YOUR WAY. Hope you all had a blessed and beautiful Christmas! Big love sisters, Robin

    2. Thank you Robin!!!! Love every bit of that message! great advice! xoxoxoxoxo

  2. I totally understand you feelings....my son's bday is 12/20, i bought him gifts for his big 1st birthday and for christmas...i left them all at work and now they are all going to be Christmas gifts..he will never know, but I do. I think the "mom guilt" we all feel is not necessary, just imagine, you are the best mom your kids will ever have, because you are their mom...and that's all they care about. I hope you get some downtime and take care of you, you can't give from an empty cup. Merry Christmas!! Ryan

  3. Well I wish I was there to help but I should be home tomorrow evening,,,,YEAH!!!!!