Thursday, November 8, 2012

Power to the Oil!
My mother is the bomb.com. She gave birth to me even though, according to my siblings, I’m adopted. She still brings me chicken soup when I get sick, she knows all of my deepest, darkest secrets-the kind you probably wouldn’t want your parents to know about- and once a week she showers me in oil. Essential oils. My life has changed for the better over these last few months due to these little liquid gems by doTerra Oil. My current favorites are lavender for relaxation and restful sleep (great for fussy babies), peppermint for energy and a healthy digestive system, and lemon aka ‘Liquid Sunshine’ for improved circulation and antiseptic agents… Now you show me someone who doesn’t want sunshine captured in a bottle and I’ll show you a liar! Also on the menu are special blends for infectionweight-loss and-one of my personal favorites-, serenity . To the skeptic, I realize the idea of these oils sounds like ‘hippie shit’ and perhaps it is. But I can tell you from my own experience and that of my once screaming nephew whose ear infection almost sent him to the doctor (and his mother to the funny farm), the right essential oil can be a truly suitable alternative to western medicine. So light your incense, put your flower wreath on your head, hold hands and start singing ‘Kumbaya’ bitches because these essential oils will surely give you a reason to celebrate. If you're interested  in essential oils feel free to email me at bohoblack@gmail.com
love and oil, ~bohoG 

This is what serenity feels like.

 That's peppermint, people!!!

My office spaceland.

Lavender baby.

'Oooooh what? No doctor? Thanks, Grandma!'

I. Love. Hippie shit.

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  1. when you are hungover peppermint oil is the best! just inhaling it or putting in water! instant nausea cure! great for pregnancy and morning sickness too!