Thursday, November 1, 2012

Go, go, go!

Last weekend was CRAZY and packed full of activities! Here is a glimpse of what we did on top of ALL the other Halloween festivities!
Friday night we went to Rice Stadium to watch Grandpa Jimbob referee the St. John's vs. Kinkaid football game. He is a white hat, which means, he's a pretty big deal ;) Go to this link to see some of the game! And for a laugh, fast forward to the 10:30 mark and watch until the 11 minute mark, the commentator makes the funniest comment about Jimbo's mustache....a stache that deserves its own facebook page if ya ask me.
Saturday was chaotic, but before the real rushing around began we woke up with Grandpa and made his world famous pancakes!!! I've been making pancakes just about every weekend and I can't seem to make them like my dadro's. Well I finally learned! Bisquick Pancake mix is a must! I was using Aunt Jemima pancake mix before and he shut that down. Add one egg and use the Bisquick and milk 1 to 1. Whisk it until its super runny. Then follow the normal pancake making steps....spray a skillet with Pam over medium, pour the batter in, (not too much), wait for it to bubble, flip er over, give it a minute, flip er back over, and BOOM, you're done. Put it on a plate with a slice of butter on top, pour on the Log Cabin and serve em up!!
After breakfast we headed to The University of Houston to tailgate before the football game. They were recognizing the 2002 UH baseball team that my man played on. They were the Conference Champions that year and they hold the best record in UH history. They were beat in the Super Regionals by UT, who then went on to win the College World Series. Unfortunately we were not an item at the time, otherwise I would have been cleat chasing his hot catcher butt all over Houston!  
Driscoe was wiped out!

By the end of the day Driscoe was partying at home with his sweet nanny:
And mommy and daddy looked like this:

  I really am blessed that my weekends are filled with my son and husband and our family and friends. I am reminded more and more from Facebook and/or the news how life can be ripped away so quickly! Enjoy these moments, even when they are chaotic and you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off! Sorry, that's a gross analogy.

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