Friday, November 23, 2012


I give mad props to all the people out there who went the extra mile in trying to snag that one of a kind deal; pitching tents, throwing bows at the checkout, etc. However, I am not quite as dedicated. I have been totally fake shopping these past couple of days. Creating carts praying they will last until Friday. Then going back the next day and double checking to make sure they still have my size, and doing it all over again. Of course, I couldn't risk the chance of these bad boys getting snatched right out of my hands. So, I did a little pre-black Friday shopping. 

I can't decide which color I am going to want; they are both so good! So, for safe measures I ordered both and will return one...maybe.

We haven't exactly reached the desired temperature needed for sweater weather just yet. We will some day soon, and when that day comes I want to be prepared. These are that great lightweight, super soft sweater that is so easily paired with leggings and boots. Or my latest crave...silk shorts and sweaters. Now that my friend can very easily be rocked in our 80 degree weather no problem. 

Lingerie Shorts, found here: 

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