Tuesday, April 1, 2014

High Burlesque // 002 Magazine // The Moonlight Dolls

Dear 002 Magazine,

CoCo La Rouge overlooking the new venue. Holy chandelier!
You are hip. You are current. And you are pretty f'ing cool. 

This past week Houston's 002 Magazine featured The Moonlight Dolls in their April issue. After a full day of shooting around The Moonlight Dolls Studio and the new Prohibition, the team at 002 pulled together a beautiful editorial that truly showcases everything we are trying to achieve at our new location in downtown Houston. 

It is so nice to see The Moonlight Dolls in this light. They are already beautiful women but, more than that, they are extremely talented performers that deserve the recognition. And let's not forget about the costuming. God bless the quiet and creative Lian Pham (who is also managing partner of Prohibition). She is constantly bringing new ideas to the table for The Dolls' costumes. And I know her...she's up all night rocking a crying 8-month old while sewing ostrich feathers onto the girls' bustles. To all you working  mommies out there... I really have no words. You're all my heroes. 

Since construction of the new venue is still underway, we decided to hold 'Pop-Up Burlesque' shows in The Moonlight Dolls Studio, which is just next door to Prohibition. Hugging the corner of Main and Prairie, The Moonlight Dolls Studio is prime real estate. I pinch myself when I go outside and see where we are located. Sure there are parts of downtown Houston that still need some work, but for the most part, downtown H-Town is poppin'! It will just be a matter of time before we are all fighting for a spot on the Metro rail so be sure to get your passes in order! 

If y'all would like to see some beautiful burlesque performances from The Moonlight Dolls, you can purchase a table and/or bottle service at Studio 1000. And YES, we renamed the MLD Studio "Studio 1000" for these shows. Don't act like it doesn't excite you! The shows are running every Saturday evening until the new place opens up. They are elegant, intimate and classy burlesque performances. If you'd like to come, message me on Facebook and I will personally set you up. How you like that for customer service?!?!?

Cheers, Houston! We LOVE you! 

In HTown, Burlesque and 002 We Trust,
bohoBurlesque Babe Grace 

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JoJo Bella

Kitty Kitty BANG BANG!
Kitty Kitty BANG BANG & Abby Cadabra

The dressing room really does look like this minus a bunch of random, super hot male models.
Oh Kitty!


  1. I love the Moonlight Dolls so much!!! I wanna come to a show sissy! call me later! love youuuu! BTW, envisioning Lian rockin her sweet baby and sewing costumes made my day, what a bad ass!

  2. i want Kat to rock me to sleep please. :x

  3. Is there an age limit on who can come?
    Enjoyed yall in the Galleria, Book me for two, you pick the night Love Uncle jJohnny!

  4. Love this! You are doing a great job! So close to opening!