Thursday, April 17, 2014

Driscoe can write, I swear.....

Dear Uncle Jason,
         I hope you have a great birthday today! Mommy tried to get me to sing the whole birthday song to you this morning, but I was too busy watching a video of trains going around a track to club music. Anyways, I sang a little, you can see it below.

I love you so much, I'm so blessed to have an Uncle like you! I know you will always have my back as I journey through life. I can always count on you for hugs and kisses and candy and cokes and a sweet pair of Jordan's for me and daddy!
Mommy and Daddy always say Uncle Jason loves you, but I already know that, you show me all the time! Oh, and thanks for being the best daddy in the world to my homeboys Dax and Mo. Now, I wonder how much candy this little note will get me……..
This much? ---------->

 Happy 40th Birthday Uncle Jason!!!

P.S. Grandpa Doug, Grandma oh dear, Dax and Mo have a message for you too!

We all love you so much!!!!

love, bohoDriscoe

Oh and a special shout out to my girlfriend, Caroline!!
Happy Birthday C$!
Mommy said she remembers the day you were born and said you were the tiniest, prettiest, little baby she'd ever seen! She can't believe you are 3! What's the big deal, it's not like we are driving yet? Think your mom and dad will let you ride with me, Dax & Mo??

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