Thursday, April 24, 2014

{NESTING} Nursery and Toddler Room Inspiration Pics

I'm finally starting to nest! Sweet relief! 
Up until last week the idea of cleaning out rooms, buying bunk beds, and getting together old baby clothes sounded SO daunting and exhausting. Honestly, I don't know what was more stressful, the thought of doing that or the fact that I had ZERO desire? It was stressing me out that I wasn't stressed out, talk about irrational.  So needless to say, the sudden desire to get things done is very much welcomed and exciting!

Now its time for inspiration pics! I lived on Spearmintbaby.com when I was preggers with Driscoe trying to get ideas of how I would create his nursery. Thankfully, I still really like his room which will be the new baby's room, so I can mark paint and curtains off the list. I also still love his crib and changing table, so we can check those 2 items off as well. Except, I want to paint his crib red like the pic below. Is that safe? Does anyone know? Surely they have paint that is safe for cribs?

Once we paint the crib, all I really need to do is clean out the closet and add wall decorations to really make this room super special for Driscoe's baby brudda. Oh and buy him his first pair of moccasins, totally unrelated, so what. 
Nursery Inspiration

Nursery Inspiration by bohoblack featuring round rugs
Round Rug (CB2, $329), Pendleton Throw Pillow (Etsy, $58), Dreamcatcher Print (Etsy, $20), Indian Basket (Navajorugsindianbaskets.com) Chevron Changing Pad (Etsy, $46), Freshly Picked Moccasins ($60), I'll Love you Forever Canvas Painting (Etsy, $55) Jenny Lind DaVinci Crib (Diapers.com, $199)

I'm really into all the dream-catchers and Indian arrow decor, it reminds me of searching for Arrowheads in Utah with my Grandpa and Uncle Ben. 
Oh, and the, "I'll love you forever…." painting seriously makes me tear up. I read that book for the first time when I was in Utah with my mom and all of my Aunts, I was probably 8. They ALL cried. I remember it like it was yesterday, all of my crazy Aunts in our van wiping tears away from a children's book? Sure it was sweet, but I just didn't get it. Well, I read it right after I had Driscoe and criiiiiied my big ol eyes out too, just like my Aunts. It really comes full circle doesn't it? I already bought the painting, I couldn't resist.

Now to Driscoe's Big Brother room!! 
Driscoe's Big Boy Room

Driscoe's Big Boy Room by bohoblack featuring Pier 1 Imports
Tripod floor lamp (Target, $65), Striped Rug (tillys.com, $49), Bean Bag Chair (Pier 1, $99), ABC wall art (Land of Nod,  $20), 123 Kid Shelving (Land of Nod), Kid Magnet Boards (Land of Nod), Kid Toy Box (Land of Nod, $297), Storage Basket (Land of Nod, $25), Throw Blanket (Land of Nod) Lacquer 4 Dresser (Houzz.com) Industrial Bunk Beds (Remodelista.com)
I'm SUPER excited about this. We decided to do bunk beds because my dad spends the night with us pretty often, so we definitely wanted to keep a spot for him to crash when he needs it. So twin over full is a MUST. We haven't found the bunk beds yet, but I like the color of these and the simplicity. Everything else really speaks for itself. I want Driscoe to be able to play in his room so MAYBE we can have part of our living room back, pfffhhhh who am I kidding? Regardless, I shall entertain that idea and make sure he has plenty of toy boxes and storage. I have a lot more to do in this room since its currently our guest room/storage unit of baby stuff from the past 2.5 years. It also needs paint, I'm thinking of sticking with the same gray from his nursery, plus one accent chalkboard/magnet wall like we did in the kitchen

Now the hunt and bargain shopping begins! I love Land of Nod, but I don't love all of their prices. I'm sure I can find majority of these items between Ikea, Etsy, & Target. Well, maybe not the lacquer dresser, but Daron can spray paint and lacquer with the best of em, so maybe a re-sale furniture store for that! I'll keep you posted on all my findings and nesting progress!!

Side Note: Please say a lil prayer for my nanny's daughter who had her baby 3 months early this past Sunday. Her son is in the NICU doing great, thankfully he was already a 3 pound baby, but as you can imagine it's still a very scary and serious situation, and unimaginably hard on the mom as she has to leave him every night. Her Grandson's name is Daniel.

Love, a Very Grateful Nester, 

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